Della Seelig Player Feedback

Vent your frustration about that one time I cucked your antag while murderboning

Gets mad when I cuck him out of antag with a flash

didnt sit on my face 0/10 worst player interaction ive had since caitlyn amyx

the Camille Driggers of BeeStation 10/10

Literally my waifu every time shes online i just kidnap her and take her to the cum zone.

Literally a turkish roach

Della Sellig is one of the most robust and correct people I have ever seen.

She has grown a lot from the time I first knew her and our friendship began when we, both traitors, helped each other with access. The funny thing is that Della knew I was a traitor while I didn’t know about her but I still helped her bothering the HOP as a chaplain as long as he did concede the access to her.

She knows a lot about almost all the departments and it’s only for her robustness that a lot of antags were banned from the antag chosen redeemability list. Her ninja exploit was the top-notch of all of the ninja and if she rolls antag and she is an atmosian…

Oh god.

Just prepare yourself to breathe in plasma or find a way to be immune to plasma fire, because she… she knows how to flood. And her plasma floodings are not something to laugh upon.

But her bright side is not short of praises. She might be very swift with her explanation, but if you ask her to teach you something, she will, with great pleasure. And keep in mind, he knowledge goes into full details into a lot of things, so nothing short to not be proud of. And if you’re really having problems with something, if you ask her to sit next to you and babysit you, she will.

In short a sight for sore eyes that unluckily never show her face in MRP.

May the traveller’s wind always be with you, my friend.

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Decently robust turk roach. Stole some methods from him when I just started playing the game and got noted for it. Except for that one time when you removed the zombification shit out of my brain but forgot to cauterize the wound so I just bled out.

10/10 would fireaxe hopline again

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Stop metacomming with That One Felinid We Cannot Mention


this is a full sentence

on frame 171 of the Zapruder film you can observe Della Seelig in the background wearing a black dress and tapping her belly, signalling to Oswald that nobody is looking up at the school book depository building and that the shot is clear