Davey_Johnson Note Appeal by Chiryn

Title: Davey_Johnson note appeal by Chiryn

CKEY: Davey_Johnson

Admin’s CKEY: Chiryn

Ban Type: Negative Note

Ban Length: N/A

Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/): 2022/09/19 GMT+8

Round ID: 40465

Ban Reason: Refused to roleplay during an explorator hostage situation and rushed the person who had them hostage without a word. Remember that you’re here to roleplay, not ‘win’.

Appeal Reason: the whole hostage situation was a fluke, it wasn’t really for a win but this is more of a fight or flight response when a explorer was left out in the abandoned station due to the gateway was linked directly to the main station.

I don’t suppose it would be possible to be calm when 2 explorers realized they got trapped inside the gateway station (tried to breach it when we didn’t realized it was station safety enabled) leaving the lone explorer in danger with the target. Quickly tried to call help from sec or ai from the scenario plus we did tried to contact the lone explorer with the target.

They could’ve possibly contact us through earpiece for a ransom (before launching the shuttle back) that way the explorer crew would slowly realized that their partner could be alright even injured or dead at that point. Another note to avoid the rush they could’ve welded the door as the shuttle heads back to the station ensuring the hostage taking would be viable.

Also the target when attempted to make me hands up, my character is already on panic state after all that trouble which made them decide to risk it. The situation was already an engagement hence My co worker and i take an action, quickly hoped on the shuttle as they tried to launch off to escape from security.

Target was unarmed after the knock back from the ships launch giving us a chance for a push.

Additional Information: i did told them in looc i would be afk from dinner while figuring the problem for the space lag due to internet provider spiking up and down hence being unresponsive as the admin sent a message.

(another thing i don’t suppose a memory of being alive, alone with the pai from a round id 40439 counts)

I believe I’m the one who took a hostage in this situation, I didn’t send the shuttle back, it was remotely piloted, and I wasn’t even aware that it was being piloted until it was literal seconds away from docking. I was busy trying to make sure my hostage didn’t die from the MANY knife wounds I put through their torso.

In summary, by the time I even had the hostage secured and not dying the shuttle was already docked at the station. It was incredibly unfun to try take a hostage, and wordlessly be shovespammed by an explorer who completely ignored the hostage situation, then just murdered me with not a single word spoken.

Also, I was armed. I just couldn’t do anything since you had me stunlocked.

I’m not an admin, but I don’t think the note is inaccurate. I tried to create a hostage situation and was wordlessly round removed, since explo targets instantly go soulless after death.


I’ll handle this tomorrow, no worries.

Alright. I don’t believe your words justify the way you handled that situation, and to be frank you should’ve still tried to at least say a word to them. This really doesn’t seem like something a panicked person would do in all honesty.

The note will stick, and will remain unchanged.

Appeal Rejected.