Darkemperr666 banned by Winterdarkraven

Title: [CKEY] banned by [Admin’s CKEY]


**Admin’s CKEY:**winterdarkraven

**Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:**sage

**Which server did the ban happen on?**sage

**Ban Type:**role

**Ban Length:**3 days

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2021-02-02 08:02

**Round ID:**26675

Ban Reason:“LRP Behaviour. As captain, supported and encouraged Cargo to order null crates. Unacceptable.”

**Appeal Reason:**I do not really think the ban is fair because i did not encourage cargo to buy null crates neither supported it, firstly i gave cargo budget cards in the beggining of the shift to buy party equipment, i did not stop cargo from buying null crates because, The HoS and the rest of command were if the QM, and i did not want to be the mean man that takes fun away, it was not best option but majority of command supported him and said he was innocent, so i did not stop cargo from ordering null crates for that reason, i did get a romerol bottle out and i did not get other stuff because the HoS was there and i was like “oh he probably is gonna clean it” in neither any moment of the shift i greatly interacted with the QM to encourage said behaviour.

**Additional Information:**Im not native english so excuse me for the bad english

I was the quartermaster antagonist that round. I emagged the console and ordered the null crates. Captain was unaware I was doing it until after the initial ones had already been ordered. I was also trying to play “charisma antagonist” that round, and was generally helpful and did my job, as well as parting out all explosives and giving them to security in order to make it seem like I was a quartermaster who had just found an emag and wanted to mess around. (I also created a fake story about finding said emag to that effect). I also did not seek his approval on future null orders or inform him of them.

At worst, he just went with it because I was being friendly and polite, and wasn’t stirring up any shit or handing contraband out to the crew (that he knew of). I asked command to supervise (after I had ordered them) and ensure that I wasn’t squirrelling away any explosives or giving out bullshit to the crew. I also came up with an excuse that I bought it for illegal tech.

I think I covered my bases pretty thoroughly in terms of playing the “Local Quartermaster Is Friendly, Orders Null Crates” story and absolutely didn’t get ordered to buy them by the captain that I can remember. The only thing he told me to buy were party supplies (which I did) and used the leftover money to buy the null crates.

bans like these just encourage hard line agression against antagonists, as anything less will cause you to eat a banhammer

isn’t this exactly what we want people to think? and yet he got banned for it.

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yea, if someone manages to convince the captain and rest of the crew that theyre not an antag whilst using an emag they got from their uplink i feel like its unfair to ban the cap. Doing interesting shit like using speech 100 skills and wearing different outfits and gloves to throw off scanners shouldnt be punished by fucking over the game for someone else because they happened to be a victim of the scam

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It’s worth noting that I did the following in order to make my stories believable:

Preemptively disclosed to the HOP that I had an emag, totally unprompted, even though I was completely alone in cargo for the entire shift. The only other cargo tech was SSD. I claimed somebody threw it into the trash.

Handled the emag in an alternate set of gloves/clothes so that it would have different, non-matching fibres on it when scanned by a detective/HOS in order to support my disposals story. The HOS eventually did take it and scan it; I gave it to him with no resistance and feigned total non-concern.

Purchased insulated gloves so that I would have a common glove type for when I was handling it “as myself”, and handed out extra pairs to crew. I also did this with toolbelts, though I didn’t actually know if they give off fibres.

Came up with various flimsy but not-totally-nonsense reasons for ordering them, one of which being so that science could get illegal technology.

Did not pursue my objectives/do anything shady outside of cargo (where I was alone) because it was my first shift as quartermaster and was still learning the job, and so that I wouldn’t blow the goodwill I’d been building by getting caught doing some greasy shit elsewhere on the station.

Looped all of command into my activites and proactively suggested the HOS take all of the explosive items out of the nulls and put them in security so nobody could use them

Essentially protected myself under cover of convincing command that I was just a lone, bored QM messing around with nulls because he found an emag

Ultimately I think I put a pretty fair amount of effort into seeming nonthreatening and just messing around with my job, and building credibility into both my stories while casting doubt on my antagonist status.


Ordering null crates is a crime. How did you think he was innocent of this if he admitted to it?

The reason it’s a command ban is because if you’re unwilling to say no, you shouldn’t lead. You’re allowed to play as command on LRP.

Captains have a lot of leniency to give amnesty for crimes if they think there was no meaningful harm done or they think it’s not a threat to the station, and breaking space law should be considered an IC consequence, not dealt with by admins, if there’s an antagonist involved attempting to manipulate the outcome in his favour. To treat it otherwise is to essentially say that you don’t believe that charisma antagonism is a viable way to play.

No, this is wrong. Captain’s aren’t given leniency, Heads of Staff are held to higher standards and are punished more.

Breaking Space Law is at admin discretion. If you commit breaking and entering to save someone, that won’t be handled by admins. If you break and enter for no reason or to powergame, then admins can give you a ban.


Respect space law and standard operating procedures. Committing minor crimes is justifiable through roleplay, but major crimes should typically be avoided.

An antagonist attempting to manipulate command and the outcome is not “typical” and if an antagonist is successful in doing so the other players shouldn’t be punished.

You did not manipulate them. Even if you weren’t an antagonist and were merely doing self-antag and powergaming, then he still should’ve stopped you.

You’re embarrassing yourself.

I absolutely did, and feel I went to fair lengths to do so.

On one hand admins hate when you do your job and curbstomp every valid as command/sec, on the other they hate when you don’t curbstomp valids and let them have some fun when they fooled even your Head of Security, bruh

Also, captain isn’t there to stop crimes really, did you bonk HoS why did he allow it?


The HoS thought he was innocent and i trust the other heads , so in turn i did not think much of it, i did not even know he was ordering nulls until i was on cargo when they were already comming, im not the one responsable for taking care of cargo nor crime, that is the job of the HoP and the HoS respectively so i left them to deal with it

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the man makes a point. Though as captain its sort of your responsibility to make sure the communication between HoS and HoP about whats happening in cargo is happening/

HoS and HoP were already talking face to face and neither of them saw any wrong in it so i was in other stuff

aight yea thats fair.

I was the hos this round, i knew you were a traitor and even brought it up to command while in bridge, but to everyone’s reaction it was a collective meh it aint hurtin nobody. And curb stomping valids is just boring.

Yeah I was pretty actively going out of my way to not do anything antagonistic other than ordering the crates because it was a learning round for me, it was my first-ever QM shift. I even called you to cargo to take possession of some of the more dangerous stuff (like explosives) that came out of the crates. “Ehh, he’s not hurting anyone” is pretty much the outcome I was hoping for, although I would have liked a little more doubt as to my status.

I thought manipulation is also a part of the game. Is it not better then murderbone?

Do we curbstomp valids then or not?

Also power gaming on lrp haha

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This actually feels like a rare example of how to properly utilize nulls.

While captain is responsible for the station as a whole, he is also supposed to delegate to the department heads. With both HoS and HoP taking care of it, the responsibility lies with them.
And with QM taking the effort of making a cover story this becomes a case of IC corruption instead of OOC metagaming for the sake of gamer loot

I want quartermasters to do shady shit while no one is looking or through bribery. I don’t want them to go full hog on illegal shit right out in the open.
This was a case of the former: pure bribery. Roleplayed as it should.