Daridine admin report

CKEY: crow4

Your Discord: thiccules#4050

Offender’s CKEY: Daridine

Offender’s In-Game Name (if relevant):

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 01/26/2022

Round Number: 35678

Rules Broken (if relevant):

Part of Admin/Mentor Conduct Broken (if relevant): * While you have the discretion to make decisions outside of the rules, you may not simply bypass rules you disagree with. Use your discretion wisely during unusual circumtances.

Incident Description: Opened an ahelp for an RD arresting me. Daridine closes my ticket and ends the round, randomly accuses me of stealing someone’s PDA, I reopen the ticket in new round and am not helped, instead says my “conduct on the shuttle” was questionable, when I literally just sat until it was exploded, then i ran to sec bay to not die, then the RD tried really hard to arrest me so i shoved him and ran, and Daridine tells me the SoP says “crew shouldn’t take AA even if offered” which I cannot seem to locate, but I did find 1. Command Staff are encouraged to request the assistance of Security when purging undesirables from their departments.
just for future reference

They also told me to just “let the issue go” which i will, but does bring me to this report instead.

wait I DID find this

" 1. The Head of Personnel may not grant anyone all access unless there is an extreme emergency."

And there was, being both nukies (reported idk if were real) and xenos (very real), meaning that was warranted.


Okay, I have no prior knowledge of this round, so just to consolidate info.
Tell me which points are correct:

  1. Delta-level threat was present on station.

  2. AA was distributed among crew by someone with the access to do so (HOP or Captain)

  3. Was or wasn’t there a security aboard the shuttle?

  4. Was the captain(or acting) still alive on the shuttle?

  5. Did the RD take up the role of Acting Captain in either the captain’s demise or nonexistence?

  6. When the “shuttle explosion” occurred, it was still at the station correct? Stuck due to xenoqueen?

I witnessed the round and received a ban from the same admin for unfounded reasons.

  1. There were cries of nukies from roundstart as the ai and multiple witnesses saw someone with a blood red hardsuit with shields and dsword walking around in space, plus xenos so yes.
  2. Acting captain did distribute AA to everyone.
  3. Im 90% sure the RD was the acting captain. As he gave aa to me and others.

I love stuff like this! Okay I got it bro :sunglasses:

  1. I’m not sure if nukies or xenos count as a delta level threat exactly, but I could see how they COULD become one, if real. So I’d say “potentially yes”

  2. Yes there was a huge line at HoP line where everyone moved through becoming captains, about 15 people

  3. Yeah there was an officer (i think) and Milly, who wasn’t sec I believe but did have an desword glued to their hands (haha)

  4. There were multiple captains, including me, so yes I wanna say

  5. I have no idea

  6. No I was just sitting in the evac ship, and it looked like a welder tank went off or something? Not a huge explosion just a minor breach causing oxygen / pressure loss

Access is not, nor has it been, permission to enter a location. If the nukies die and then 90% of the station has AA then heads have every right to yeet people from their departments or other secure areas. As it is being described, by crow, so far I personally would rule it as an IC issue.

As per the Space Law trespass notes: “Being in an area, or having access to an area is not permission to that area. This crime covers non forcible entry into areas, such as following someone through a door.”

If RD was acting captain then it’s double IC because as acting captain they are permitted to step in and intervene when they see a crime being committed.

Getting “captain” as an ID title because nukies is not you being promoted to captain.

tl;dr, just because you can walk into secure areas doesn’t mean you should walk into secure areas. If you get your ass appropriately beat by actual command staff for trespassing then that’s on you.

As far as I can recall there’s nothing in SOP that says you shouldn’t take AA if offered. I will however say that as per rule 7.5 if you get AA you shouldn’t abuse it.

You should just read your ban message, job description, and appeal.

Your commentary seem to miss any semblancy of relevancy to the topic, and as from before i was just stating what i saw in the same round.

Yeah but they said it was in SoP, they didn’t look into the RD arresting me which according to SoP he cannot do, and standing in an escape shuttle until being assaulted is not abuse whatsoever.

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emergency over hand over your aa.
command can arrest you. They just cant go around the station to play sec.
While heads need to follow SOP as best they can. Breaking it is not against the rules if done in good faith.

Which would be fair I guess, I mean admin says “its this” and that’s the end of it, but the main reason from the report is being randomly accused of stealing someone’s PDA and “griefing” which i’ve played for like 1000 hours why would i even do that? Makes no sense. I don’t have access to the logs, or i’d just check myself. Then they just closed it and ended the round without explaining, after the rando accusation. They also said some stuff about SoP that wasn’t even real, and then was like “just let it go”. Overall extremely unprofessional, y’all already know i keep it hunnit :100:

I would like to add that the RD DID give me AA, meaning he probably was acting captain, so that makes sense, and he’d fall under acting captain, instead of RD. Which is cool, i mean I guess, I can be wrong, i’m wrong a lot. It’s more about the ticket really though, not the uhh… actual, game, more like the game’s after round… ticket time thing.

One thing thats of note, a CC report came in, commenting on all the illegal captains. Naturally sec and the acap paniced.
From what i saw the rd always asked for the ID first.
Dont knowvif it was you but some refused to surrender their AA.
Id vote this is a ic issue, and belive darmine to have thought the same

I get that, please see above, It was the actual ticket conduct, not a disagreement with the ruling.

Sure the IC confict between me and the RD mattered at the time, and it was a non issue, but then I was false accused, lied to, then just told to “let it go”

I figure the “let it go” is the final ruling on the IC conflict which is totally chill but the false accuse thing and the referring to things that aren’t rules.

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I did go back and realize I read the logs wrong regarding the ID/PDA grabbing, I was a bit hungry and had been dealing with a lot trying to keep that round under control.
I read it as you grabbing the PDA rather than someone grabbing the PDA off of you and for that I am sorry.

As for the ruling of don’t take AA, that may have me been confused from a previous case I’d read where people had gotten banned for taking all access when the HoP office was open.

My comment on you causing grief wasn’t about you griefing, it was about the general… lack of professionalism or politeness in your Say logs. I won’t post them unless requested but you really should calm down in your in game conduct.

I stand by that the ticket should have been closed, As RD, with 12 captains running around, some invading into the secure areas of the shuttle he is full within his rights to try arresting people and getting them out of where danger may come.

I like to roleplay as a cowardly asshole like Arnold Rimmer it’s kinda my thing at the mome, but I didn’t realize you had simply misread the logs, which are probably confusing. I accept your apology and am glad it was kinda a misunderstanding mostly on my end

Feel free to close this I am satisfied with this outcome being “overall oopsie”

Closed at user request.