Darasken/InTheDark player feedback

Yes, I am Dark, this is my Player Feedback, I also Play as Molly Styles from time to time, and no I do not play Antags.

Lizard main :face_vomiting: also you’re cool and for some reason lizard in a nun suit makes me laugh

Yeah I fucking love doing that now, one time I just ran down the halls scythe in one hand and fucking shotgun in the other, it was funny, some guy was yelling in robotics saying “HOLY SHIT LOOK AT THAT LIZARD, SHE’S FUCKING GOT A SCYTHE AND GAT, WHAT A BADASS”

Wait… are you that nun lizard?

I Play Darasken, we have played a shit ton of rounds together how do you not know who I am, you’ve fucked me over as ai more times than I can count

I’m sorry, I have a terrible memory when it comes to names. I am pretty sure I would remember your characters if I would see them though.



Yellow Lizard, Sci main

You explore maints with me sometimes and would drag me to med in case I eat a bad maintpill so you’re alright in my book.

Told me he/she hated me after i bullied him/her into giving me shotgun bandolier during my traitor round. Then proceed to try to welderbomb me in revenge while yelling all the time how much they hate me and wish me to die .

Kind of a NPC in game, but gets redeemed by playing lizard, OBJECTIVELY the best xeno race in ss13.

absolutely based, chad, experienced and seems robust :sunglasses

also polite IC.

I can always rely on Darasken in a pinch. Great player, great character.

I really am not that good at Combat, but I really try my hardest

I’ve dealt with your type irl, and no, i’m not gonna let you push me around whenever you want to

I Try my Hardest to support you whenever I play RD, and try to save your constantly dead tin can ass

You’re nice and I like you. Bonus points for being nice and a lizard. Ask if you need help with anything, I’ll gladly teach you stuff.

Lizard liza lizard lisard lizzer lizoid lizard

You’re nice and cute and we had lots of fun together but you seem to resent me after that ion law to steal your shoes.

You are a meanie sometimes, and have done alot of sneaky mean kills on me, and betrayed my trust too often, if this was a feedback thread on you I would call you a meanie

oh god megabyte in da darasken thread I need some popcorn!

You said once “No one fucked me over as many times as he helped me as you have”
I mean. What can I do. I’m a borg main.