Daily Mentor Facts

Changing someone’s suit sensors works the same as pickpocketing, meaning it won’t alert the person of your actions unless it fails


On the very rare chance you find yourself full of cryptobiolin for whatever reason, inject an epi pen into yourself to instantly convert 15u of it into spaceacilin. Probably near-useless, but I’d like to imagine it may save someone’s life one day


Corazone not only prevents heart attacks, but it allows you to survive a liver failure as long as it’s in your system.

It metabolises whether your liver works or not though, and it does not allow for other reagents to metabolise - It only prevents the toxin damage.


Xenobio Fact
Stable (blue) Cerulien crossbreed can be placed it in the backpack of a dead person to instantly revive them as a clone of them.


Using a Multitool on a completed (but not active) cyborg shell allows you to modify some of its settings, such as the cyborgs name, camera state, AI lawsync, lock down, and more

Using a Multitool on an exposed wire shows you its current voltage and excess power.

Putting anything more powerful than the standard battery cell into lights will burn them out the moment you try to turn it on.