Daily Mentor Facts

Addendum: Any is an understatement. You could be spawned inside a necropolis wall and be irrevivably killed.

Another thing about anomalies: Yes Remote Signalers work to stop them however you dont always need to carry one! Some PDA software packages (And i think laptop or tablet software i dont remember.) come with remote signaler software! Your PDA is useful for more than just trolling people and blowing people up. Most HOPs will give you a ValuePak cartridge (The one the captain gets.) if asked for because they dont know what it can do.

Always useful for the clown who has AA to have. :wink:

Naval Directions:

Fore: North. From “Forward” to “Fore”
Starboard: East. Because the person steering normally sat on the right. It evolved in translation from “Steering Side Of the Boat” to “Steer Board” to “Starboard”
Aft: South. To move in the direction of the Stern (rear) of the ship.
Port: West. As the Steering was on the other side, this was the side that they normally came to port on.


Not a mentor quite yet, but I recently learned that you can use spray paint if you need to write on paper. Weird stuff

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The gateway rooms on derelict sites are functional. If activated they open a portal to the station gateway (You’ll probably have to deconstruct an rwall to get out so try to cover your tracks).

Way better approach to Survivalist than trying to win a 3 on 1 fight (especially if you roll assistant).


Code wise, spray cans are just crayons with less use delay


Mentor top tip:
Port has the same number of letters as left.


Much like touching Rat’Var and Nar’Sie plushies, mixing a Nar’Sour and a Rat’Vander Cocktail produces a small explosion. Learned that one by accident.


Same here.

Bartender is quite capable of creating their own killer concoctions, but it’s all a bit less intuitive than chemistry.

daily mentor fact: this thread exists


Less of a fact, more of a PSA. If you take an artifact retrieval mission as an explorer, and you’re playing an IPC. Then expect a moderate chance of near instant death due to an off-screen artifact guardian EMPing you through a wall.

a few weeks i found out if an AI ctrl clicks an apc it will rapidly shut it off

speedy hotkeys wooo

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Control + Click an APC = Power on/off.

I know you read it when you started playing but it’s really worth re-reading once you’ve gotten into the game a bit more. It makes much more sense.


There is a requests console in tcomms which can be used to send station-wide announcements.

AI, malf or not, can overload an areas lights using its APC. This causes them to break simultaneously and the sparks can ignite plasma gas

You can also spam the overload button even after the lights are broken to drain the APC’s cell, providing a better depowering solution than just toggling the switch

The artifact guardians at exploration’s artifact retrieval missions are worth 20k discovery each. There’s 2 types for an easy total of 40k as long as you can avoid dying.