CYN-445 Player Report

In-game report:

CKEY: The Maggot Guy

Your Discord: themaggotguy

Offender’s CKEY: unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: CYN-445

Server: Sage

Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2024-02-02

Round Number: 47553

Rules Broken: Be Excellent and escalation policy

Incident Description:

[Context, this was lowopop of 8 people. The server is supposed to be new player friendly so I decided to try and learn atmos, and this guy (engineer, nonantag, CYN-445) was rude to me the entire time. I was also secindary languages only lizz so I couldn’t really get any help.]

TLDR at bottom because I am very tired and definitely ramble here

I decided to learn atmos and as the resident “hot gasses guy” I decided to put a space heater in the SM as a funny way to cool it (in my experience it’s always too hot, I thought cooling the SM with 6 space heaters would be funny) and he got mad, understandably because apparently I heated it up. So far so good.

I look at the pipes, and I test out what I think will make them better and we didn’t die or explode so that went fine. I look at the turbine, and I decide I want to try using some of the fun SM byproducts to fuel the turbine, so I fix what I think is the “waste to atmos pipes” pipe he’s broken, and he gets mad, apparently it’s the atmos to engine pipe, so I trace the pipe and find it’s true. I go up north, and start to create a pipe trail off to atmos from the end of the waste pipe (starting by trying to replace a pipe with a layer adapter, and he shove stunlocks me, strips me of all my gear and my ID, and throws me out.

He does give me back my heirloom (and that’s it) but I eventually get back in thanks to the AI and he does eventually give me back my stuff, after talking to me about not messing with the engine, because atmos techs arent supposed to touch the SM. Fine by me.

I go try and set up the turbine and the AI gives me the best mixture, so I set that up. I had a bunch of random gasses in the chamber so I open the internal airlock thinking maybe exposure to air and more tiles for burning might generate more energy, but that causes it to start sucking up all the super hot random gasses I put in there and putting them in the waste pipes. This melts the interior airlock door. I weld the exterior airlock shut so nobody can accidentally release the gas, and turn off the scurbbers so the waste pipes wont be flooded, and go get some IC food.

I come back, and lo and behold, the engineer, CYN-445, is breaking his cardinal rule- he is messing with an engine it isn’t his job to mess with. So I run up to him, shove him once, and start mocking him, saying “NOOOO YOU CAN’T MESS WITH THE ENGINE”, and “NOOOO ENGINEERS CAN’T TOUCH THE TURBINE NOOOOO”, but his response is to beat me into crit.

He takes me to the medbay, steals my PDA and headphones when I call for help (my memory is foggy that may have been the 2nd time he crit me), and tries to steal all my other things, but I heal up enough to run and call for help.

I am healed by a doctor and yell at the engineer various unsavory things like telling him to pour salt on his keyboard, and pour ketchup into his milk. I meet him in the hall and shove him once as revenge for critting me and stealing my ID a second time, followed by more insults, and he crits me again, fullstrips me, puts me in a skirt (???) and leaves me on a bed in medbay. By this point the shuttle is called. Very bad behavior.

Additional Information:


I try to cool the SM and fail. This makes resident lowpop engineer angry. I decide to try the turbine and attempt to make pipes to steal the SM waste products for this purpose. This makes the engineer very angry, and so he rants about how it’s not my job to touch the engine, then he fullstrips me and cuffs me, and I have to beg for my stuff back. I go set up the turbine, feed my character, and come back to see him touching the turbine, breaking his own rule about not doing other people’s jobs. I shove him once and he softcrits me, cuffs me, takes me to medbay, and attempts to strip me again. I heal enough to run, but he’s got my PDA and radio, so I find him and shove him one time again, for which he softcrits me, cuffs me, fullstrips me, puts me in a dress, and leaves me in medbay.

Totally rude the entire time, broke the escalation policies by jumping to crit when I shoved him for his trespassing, tried to stop me from being able to do atmos because he thought he knew better.


I’ll Explain from my prospective, From what I was told you was Causing major issues with the SM such as opening the chamber doors, Adding to much gas or Letting all the gas out. So the engineer Told you to stop messing with the SM and you continued to not listen.
I guess it’s a Fuck around find out moment?.

I do believe they are in their right to Toss you out. However, I do think them taking your ID The first time kicking you out was a bit much.

Soon as you entered the room you Started to attack them, You didn’t bother to ask what they was doing. They were the defender in this case so they escalated to lethal and even brought you to medical and attempted to treat you before you ran away.

So you’ll be are aware, They piped the SM waste line to the turbine Like they said they would when they gave your ID back the first time(Something you wanted from the SM) And was fixing your Airlock and the Waste distro you flooded with Gas that was over 80000.00K in temps.(Something that could affect the station)

I was the AI, So, I Clearly didn’t get to hear you all talk unless it was by holopad or radio. Anyway to sum this up, I think Both parties are at fault one failed to communicate while the other may have been a bit to Harsh towards a person trying to learn.

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