Crusader did another boo boo, will he ever learn

**Discord ID:**LastCrusader aka N word

**Admin Discord ID:**xlyana

**Ban Type:**discord

**Ban Length:**1000 years

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): who knows

**Ban Reason:**posted curb stomp gif
(Feel free to delete if not ok)!
**Appeal Reason:**i don’t see the issue tbh, it’s not only inspired the curb stomp in game, but no gore etc
I’d posted it numerous times that day with funny comments such as qwerty and Ike stomping out the n word etc, but time I was banned they was actually talking about curb stomp so :man_shrugging:

Additional Information:

theres a swastika retard

Nah that’s the Hindus sign of peace
But yeah maybe right my bad

Deleted and unbanned. Don’t be retarded again.