Cowboy gimmick suggestion

Honestly I’m bored as hell and for whatever reason I was suddenly struck with suddenly Yee-haw.

There should be a job gimmick or antag gimmick that allows selected the player become a cowboy.
We have two variants of Cowboys that will directly affect their objectives. White Hats and Black Hats. They follow your typical stereotypical western depictions. Each time a cowboy spawns or is selected to be a job, they will gain a series of cowboy related items and subset abilities. Some cowboys can use revolvers, lassos, repeater rifles or just their fists alone!

White Hats - Potentially get a protect objective, are the do gooders of the final frontier, they seek to bring justice to the wild-wild space. Centcom found these cowboys quite humorous, and decided to allow them to occasionally come about the station, using their version of final-frontier justice to capture dastardly antagonists and regale the station with their stories.

Black hats - Retain your typical antagonist objective, gain special cowboy objectives. The Syndicate once witness one of these outlaws hogtie a poor Felinid Doctor and place them in the way of an on coming MULE Bot. Another instance was this villainous cowpoke was seen conducting special tricks with his revolvers.
“You’re pretty good!” - Random Syndicate Stormtrooper.

Each cowboy will get the same abilities, however the Black Hat is capable of actually killing the fine folk of the station.
Dance,dance,dance! - When targeting the legs, the cowboys begin to fire at the feet of their target, forcing them to begin to dance in a single spot. Unable to move anywhere but their square. This will deal no damage to the target except on harm intent.
Take a seat pardner - When the cowpoke targets the arms of another spaceman, and hit their target they will be disarmed and lose use of the arm for a short period of time. On successful hits they can chain their disarms til their shooter has run out of ammo.
Quickdraw - When a cowboy encounters another spaceman or even another rival cowboy with a revolver it will prompt a duel similar to special plushie interactions. They will, and begin to walk six tiles back each and face one another. Whomever shoots first wins the duel.
Fan Fire - Cowboys are capable of rapidly firing any revolver with surprising accuracy
Bar Room Brawler All cowboys know how to fight, and fight dirty! Headbutts, eye pokes, and kicks to the groin are their bread and butter!

Special Interactions:
Hats off to you - Whitehat cowboys never shoot the head! Whenever a Whitehat shoots the head of a target instead of dealing lethal damage, any headgear they are currently wearing will be knocked off, with a stylish bullet hole. Wearing a mask will cause the same effect as well.
DASTARDLY - Blackhats have had their hearts hardened and do not care for the simple space folk. They gain a special syndicate beacon that summons a bluespace train. Targets who are hogtied will be placed upon a special space-train track as the oncoming locomotive barrels towards them. If nobody saves the target or derails the train then the target will be gibbed. How dastardly!

Cowboys will get special cowboy items ranging from clothes or weapons, their most important feature is their hat!
The Hat - Cowboy hats are very hard to remove, and the source of their gunfighter powers. Removing this item will anger the Old West Spirits and temporarily drain them of their abilities til they can recover their hat.
Lasso - Curator whip on steroids. Must be held in both hands, has a 6-8 tile range. Anyone caught by this will be stunned but capable of moving around or resisting while on the ground. If the cowboy run ups then the player will be hogtied, unable to use their hands or run away!
Revolver(s) - Big Irons are the staple of any cowpoke. Sometimes even two revolver! Cowboys who utilize the revolver will be able to fan fire their weapons and even do cool gun tricks to mesmerize everyone around.
Repeaters - The lone rangers who use these weapons are all about keeping you out of reach. Masters of rifle they can intentionally miss targets to hit them with ricocheting rounds, dealing significantly reduced damaged but capable of causing crowd controlling stuns.
Barrel Chested - For some reason you cast aside your six-shooter and rifle for a more direct approach! Your melee abilities are enhanced and you become harder to knockdown and stun. At a cost your reactions times have slowed you down. Chasing your targets will tire you out after a short period of time.

I literally randomly through of this after listening to a Shania Twain song. I thought it’d be fun since we have revolvers and even the correct ammo type for various cowboy weapons.


to the station of the bee’s rode a stranger one fine roundddddd


They absolutely need spurs that are obnoxiously loud.

Also, won’t the black hat just be a valid target for Sec?

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they should jingle jangle jingle


Cowboy hats are all cosmetic.
Blackhat/Whitehat are a state of mind rather than a fashion choice. As a gameplay element the hats colors and styles won’t matter. A good cowboy can wear a black hat, and vice versa. Both variants have the same abilities. The idea is to swap intents, so a blackhat on help will shoot the head gear off.

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will only accept if you have a rideable pet

cowboy hats, snakeskin boots with spurs, bandoleers that attach to uniforms instead of belt, dusters, single action revolvers, special ponchos, lassos and cowboy speech. sounds fun


it’s like that on vg, i think you can even quickdraw with a keybind

I used to do a clown gimmick occasionally named Borgo Rider, where I’d pretend to be a cowboy and ride all the borgs constantly. They really didn’t like it. Well, some happily carted me around, most threw me off

I agree.

In the case of the Cowboy getting Space, if he works prior he can take his cowboy attire and transform it into something space worthy. Due the nature of Space Cowboys often rodeoing and wrangling space carp and space horses, he’s capable of breaking any Space Carp and using it as a mount. This scares the other carp into being submissive towards the Cowboy.

The Cowboy Space is worn under a poncho, as to hide the spacesuit bits.

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Walks into saloon
“Partners this ‘Na-anotra-sin’ oil drilling operation is diddly damning my home, so y’all better stop mining my aster’oids and this here space or y’all regret it…”

fans the hammer shooting his 6 shooter at all the beer bottles round the room

i think people should be able to block shots once with bottles of alcohol

18 fellow cowboys at the dorms of bee state
Big throbbing beehives wanting to buzz
18 fellow cowboys wanting to be looved
Cowboys at the dorms - bee state - on their knees wanting to pet bees
Bee state really rocks


Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaw. Pardner