Council: Player Representative Elections

With the council reform, comes direct player representation in the council.


You cannot be currently permabanned.

How to apply

To register for the election, which will be in 48 hours (12/4/19), put your name down below, with your ckey and discord username, and a little blurb about yourself, why players should vote for you, etc.

Please keep in mind this thread is not an election, it’s just a means to announce your candidacy.

Good luck



I’m running and you should vote for me because:

I was first to reply.

I play Sherrie Williams

I am a patron of many artists in ss13 community

I would never lie to you.

I’ll have your back :blush:

I’ll clean beestation streets from filth :cleanbot:

I hate redditors :angry:

I want you to be happy anon

I love you for who you are.

I am a ex-administrator :cleanbot:

I would never lie to you.

I am friends with a lot of people in the ss13 community

If you vote for me I’ll add bee people :honeybee: :beers: :honeybee:

I’ll also add carboard box tanks

I would never lie to you.



Ic names:Hal mar, H.A.L
-Running for IPC rights
-Had a warden ban for leaving round start but no permabans yet
-Will make sure no Ipc will get sent to cloning/medbay ever again
-also supports Moff rights


-Not a furry
-Not permabanned yet
-Admins cower in fear when they hear my name
-Not a (t)rans(g)ender
-Will make cool posts
-Running for an eugneics program in the station, resembling aktion t4 heavily but its non-humans this time
-Not a snitch
-Not a snitch
-Fuck reddit
-So robust got banned for “overescalation”(whatever that means) 3 times thus far
-Will kill vanilla and ayla on sight in every round

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I’m running for a spot on the position hear are some reasons why I am a great candidate
1: I’m an informative person and will do my best to make sure that the ideals of the players are kept in tip top shape
2:Il make sure that we keep the tide to an bare minimum
3: I have experience in these positions
4:I have never lied to a staff member on purpose
5 I had only 1 admin intervention
I wish best of luck to my competitors

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Ckey :Oshibka
Discord : Oshibka#7280
Vote for me, and heres why

  • Kinda based doe
  • Cares about this server
  • You can trust me, sorta
  • Hasn’t gotten banned in 4 weeks
  • Former janny
  • Reliable cool dude
  • Hates r*editors
  • Will destroy catgirls
  • Is Dimas

Ckey - miniusAreas
Discord - miniusAreas (Kirov) (this is static and if you need the numbers ask yourself why)2

Hi. I’m minius. Most people know me around bee as Kirov, or Bicard. most of the posts have been memes. I’m not dissing anyone (cough cough wildchen) but this is a serious role. Player Representatives represent you as a player, for the better of the server. Here’s some reasons you should vote for me.

I’m active within our community
I listen to others and try to resolve conflict
I don’t joke around when someone’s account is on the line
I have a broad mindset as to what’s right
I don’t accept pressure. If, say, Mark, or Rue, are pressuring me to use my position to aid them against the playerbase, I won’t take it.

Beestation is growing, and a player rep is a big responsibility. Make sure you have faith that your vote won’t goof off when you’re counting.


It is I, Kain!

Ckey: KraiZeral
Discord: Zorsa Za Sergal#1504
Discord Server Name: Kain K. Virtue

As it is I, Kain, that’s the only reason I have for why I should be voted for. Unless you consider me being the only masculine catboy that beats up communists and russian bears to be a solid voting reason.

Also, I used to be an admin, I voluntarily demoted myself in case that helps you make a decision.



c key: windows errors
dickscord: windowserrors the altismo#6316
dickscord name: god

im being a player rep because i rep the players

here are my skills

also can you please sign my petition


Ckey: brother_jeff
Discord: dhhrrnng#9591
oooh yeah vote me hhooh

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fighterslam / everett garrison


i play beestation and it’s literally all i do in my free time because i have nothing else

i have 5 pages of notes, almost 6

i’ve been permabanned twice

i’ve been serverbanned 7 times

but people still like me because i’ve improved as a player and a person

so yeah. i’m chill now, despite my shit past

please vote

We’re no strangers to love
You know the rules and so do I
A full commitment’s what I’m thinking of
You wouldn’t get this from any other guy

I just wanna tell you how I’m feeling
Gotta make you understand

Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you
Never gonna make you cry
Never gonna say goodbye
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

We’ve known each other for so long
Your heart’s been aching but you’re too shy to say it
Inside we both know what’s been going on
We know the game and we’re gonna play it

And if you ask me how I’m feeling
Don’t tell me you’re too blind to see

Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you
Never gonna make you cry
Never gonna say goodbye
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you


Admins and players of bee station, it is with great honor that I offer myself as a candidate of this civic council. Some of you may know me as DRAGONfluffy, but today I come before you humbly and ask for this position. I only found myself a part of this community for a short while I have come to enjoy each and every one of you. If elected though this great democratic process my principles are as follow:

First We should have someone new around here fresh blood is the working stone or any civilized organization. If we incorporate at least one new player to represent all those who’re trying the game for the first time, they should feel like at least one won’t be judgmental with there questions.

Second I believe everyone should follow the rules, and Iv did my best to uphold this one. I have only been bonked once and will Gladly disclose the events of pressed. It is all of our duty to follow the rules and own up to our failures.

Third I will take any problems people wish to discuss seriously. This might not seem like a big deal but if someone has a problem their feelings aren’t invalid and can kill the devotion to continue.

Fourth My dedication, Whenever I get something in my head. I can’t just give it up and give One Hundred and Ten percent. If this isn’t evidence of that I don’t know what is.

Fifth I wish to see some reward for role-playing, maybe an end of round acomadtion. This is just something Iv been kicking around, would love to talk more about it if got elected.

Closing statements, I’d like to have a moment to thank each of the staff who work diligently to make this community so amazing. Ask not what bee station can do for you but what you can do for bee station. #DRAGONfluffy2020 #MakeBeeStationGreatAgain

This Ad was brought to you by the DRAGONfluffy campaign foundation ™, the DfCf ™ and its affiliates are unreliable for traitorous acts. Any rumors of hoarding killer tomato’s, Blues space tomato’s, and other dangerous items are hearsay and slander. Any damage or injuries to security was dismissed in space court and found not guilty. Contact us at Cvkey: DRAGONfluffy Discord: DRAGONfluffy


CKEY: averagejoe22
Discord name: Average_Joe22
IC Name: Grigori Bogdanoff
So what can I tell about myself, huh. I am a mentor for a pretty long time now (and plenty active at that job too), my last ban was a long time ago, I am usually on BeeLRP anytime, here to represent da robust human players. In conclusion, #VoteForJoe

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Name: Triston (IC: John Smithson)
CKey: goldeylerks
Discord Username: Triston#1391 (Nick: Kyle)
Hi, my name is Triston, and I like you guys. I believe I should be on the player council because I’ve always been critical of staff decisions, not necessarily for or against, but I’m always questioning them. I’ve been here a long long year, and have seen the server go through various phases and codebases. I believe I can preserve the soul of beestation, and keep the good times a’comin.

See you at the polls, Triston


CKEY: megamememan
Discord: thelegend27
IC name: Ratishnokov Reliovski
Knowledgeable player
Current mentor

350 hours
Willing to listen to public ideas and opinions, there are no stupid ideas (so long as you’re serious)
Active (or at least tries to be) in the community
Enjoys the community greatly
Is a people’s person
Is a Ssethtider (if that’s really a con, some might say it is)
Can get frustrated at times
Not the most known player
Final thoughts:
I have nothing to hide, I want people to be aware of who they’re voting for, nothing hidden, I had a rocky start on this server, and I can get frustrated and act out of line sometimes, but I hope it doesn’t overshadow my other qualities. I take great pride in being a part of this community, and feel like I should give more of a contribution to it. And I feel like with my skill set and personality, I would be a fit for this role. Of course it is not up to me but to all of you, if there is a better candidate, I implore you to vote for them, I am only showing what I have to give, no sugarcoating.
I suppose I’ve gone on a bit of a tirade, but for those of you tl;dr, I register for this


Waifu Thread
ckey - Waifu Thread
Discord: Callyyllac#2893

Im Probably Gonna Be The Least Hardcore Player Running For This, So LIke, i Can Speak for causal fucks like me.

also because i won’t speak from the perspective of a person that will always opt traitor, or just fucks off in chem making meth.
Also, i won’t stop pushing to have felnids no longer be considered human under the rules, or removed entirely.
idk why my first post of this was removed, im about 80% serious on it

Remember, your app won’t count if you don’t include the necessary information.

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Usual IC name: Royce Bennett
Discord Username: jazck#3225
CKey: Kczaj
Real Name: Jackson
(I’m very creative with usernames, if you couldn’t tell)

Don’t vote for me. I don’t even know why I’m running for player representative.

I don’t know what the community wants, and I think the current administration is doing things well enough (I’m a dirty filthy moderate).
I main HoP and I don’t give AA out. Ever.
I have never greentexted, and the closest I got to it I was pushed off the escape shuttle.
I hate the reddit SS13 “community”, but I’m also a redditor myself (Obviously I hate myself).
I’ve never been banned from the server because I’m too much of a pussy to break the rules.

If you vote for me you are literally throwing your vote away.

Ooh look at this a special outcrop so more people are drawn to this application for candidacy ooh
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IC name: Lubricant Bob
Ckey: The Secret Slav
Discord: ThatSecretSlav#9915
I am the chad botnis but now I main assistant because true robustness is only achieved through being a grey nagger. I have over 700 hourd and have been playing since da ssethtide so that makes me an ultra chad. All moffs, felinids and IPC’s and squids should be removed, because FUCK NONHUMANS, FUCK FELINIDS, FUCK REDDIT, FUCK TG, FUCK ORANGES, FUCK FURRIES, FUCK ADMINS, FUCK COUNCIL, FUCK HEADMINS, FUCK SENIOR ADMINS, FUCK BLACK PEOPLE. Also FUCK people who play moths or cringepc’s. Also if you don’t have sex you are bad because I am the guru of sex

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