Conversion Antag poll for Sage players

  • Disable Gangs
  • Keep Gangs
  • Disable Revs
  • Keep Revs
  • Disable Blood Cult
  • Keep Blood Cult

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This poll does not guarantee change will occur

It’s more my own personal curiosity than anything - I personally dislike conversion antags, because of how much they take control of the focus of the round. No matter what you wanted to do that round they are antags you can’t opt to ignore because you’ll either be converted and forced to play along with them or suddenly killed. Since our round types are secret you also can’t simply opt out of the round either, and suiciding once converted is normally responded to with admin action and seen as bad sportsmanship.

I don’t think Gangs or Revs are healthy for an RP environment at all, since they nearly always devolve into a chaotic bloodbath. Cult progresses a bit more slowly and also opens the door for really flavorful interactions at times, though it still reaches bloodbath eventually.

Please vote and throw your thoughts into the hat and maybe we can stop groaning every time these come up in the round type.

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Nuke ops is more healthy for an RP environment than conversions. At least there is station cohesion there. Maybe convert nuke ops into a one hour prep type of antag? Like centcomm sends an emergency message that the station will be raided in an hour by ops and to best prepare any way they can.

I was actually just discussing that nuke ops always feels great and doesn’t happen often enough. It still enables a war-zone type of round but without the confusion and uncertainty of who can and can’t be killed or converted.

Certainly a lot less crying about “he killed me instead of converting me” and “Sec executed me instead of de-converting me”. People are too butt-hurt about the winning side of fights taking the easier and safer way out of the fight.

disabling them is bad, but i hate all conversion antags except monky tbh

Turning down their occurrence rates?

monki is fun i just wish the cure wasnt kill and clone

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Cult if played right can be a thing of beauty. Personally I like gangs because it’s a little more dynamic than just regular old revs.

However I think if you’re gonna do these kinds of conversion antags, you should at least add some meta shielding to like say gang graffiti so it can be played out more – however I know people on Bee typically don’t like that as it crosses over into “HRP” – but honestly a lot of MRP servers do this.

Revs are pretty linear, and a pretty shitty antag, and will ruin anyones round who is trying to do something robust.

i want a cult that doesnt rush to summon nar nar but a cult that converts everyone on the station and then summons nar nar

retards be like: REV IS A BAD GAME MODE

purely balanced about skill
doesn’t get any bullshit items
actually have to put in effort to fight the heads

No amount of items, save doom guy kit, is going to save you from 12 retards with spears. You’re retarded if you think otherwise

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Unga bunga rev spear.

retard monkey that’s why you deconvert

They’re all good.

Cult especially once the stun nerf comes through requires knowing everything you can do with your powers well, teamwork and strategy.

Revs is a classic underdog situation rising up against better equipped sec and heads. Be ultra robust or bide your time to get numbers whilst simultaneously thwarting security’s attempts to identify and deconvert revs.

Gangs is a three or four way pitched battle for dominance, plus there’s security and non-gang crew to deal with. It does tend to snowball a bit for one gang but having a gamemode with multiple factions is a good thing and something it would be good to see more of (blood cult vs clock? monkeys vs revs?).

That WOULD make sense, if Sec was ever full staffed or properly trained. This however is beestation. A beginner server. There is a handful of robust sec players at best, yourself, myself and Owen come to mind. Otherwise, players like Tyrone and Brick are tide-curity and will antag ASAP. Context is what makes these game modes bad for MRP

i’m sorry who the fuck is nerfing stuns for cult

Got a lot of votes out of this one, thanks guys