Conspiracy theory - Bee is slowly becoming ERP

As we can see bee “”"“players”"""" have voted to make beestation 18+ but did they?
as we can put here image

When we put a clock beside it makes the hour 12:50 seems normal right? well if we add 10 minutes it turns into 13, what is the name of the most popular ERP server? skyrat 13

Not convinced yet? well SKYrim released its legendary in you guessed it 2013 you know what else happened in 2013? Halmaheramys bokimeko a new rat genus was also discovered in 2013…

I will let you be the judge

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Watch them complicate the ERP rules, even making a special team of ERP Mentors


My eyes. They have been opened.

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“Beestation is not turning into an ERP server, all the rumors are mere conspiracies”


With this evidence, it clearly isnt a theory. This is Armageddon. Hold your love ones closely, they will be taken away by the ERP soon.

Save me with your Holy Texts, Colonel!

Teach me the word of the chicken in these trying times.

The Holy Texts will slow its rise, but the ERP is an unstoppable force. May KFC have mercy on your soul.

Where’s the funny

In the eyes of the beholder

It uh… Would make it ~12:25. Not 12:50.

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what you never checked out #mentor-erp? what do you think clover was during the mentor-only days? you don’t need dedicated ERP mentors since all mentors are masters of ERP

Damn it. They found out.


That’s 12:25 how do you not know how to read a clock?


He doesn’t.

Be nice.

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Not a theory, its an explanation

Then add 35 instead of 10 and you get the same result omg, theory is still valid…

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i am going to kill you