Command staff house keeping

Hello fellow command staff, while I Kalavi Lumen may usually be the last person you’d think of as a orderly and considerate member of NT’s officer core, given I am most qualified for and assigned to Head of Security, I like to think that inspite of my hectic work environment and the non-ideal situations it is intended to handle, there are afew small things that help me walk happier and less paranoid that NT H.R. has deemed pertinent and worth sharing, without further pleasantries, here are various Housekeeping notes for command staff.

  • Wall safes and Suit lockers.
    these two containers are provided to us, in our offices, for the purpose of ensuring that various sensitive materials and our department related Hard-suits are relatively safe when we aren’t keeping personally.
    From the start Wall safes come unlocked and ready for code setting, with complementary paper and pen inside, consider locating and using these safes as they are considerably more secure compared to your standard locker as they are tougher and embedded in a wall.
    Your Suit storage locker, you know the one, is also an uncommon thing, it can also be locked via your ID and possesses a high power UV decontamination feature for when your suit inevitably becomes horribly dirty.
    Not that neither of these are fool proof, both of them can have their maintainance panels opened with a screw driver and thus be opened with generic tools so keep that in mind. They’re also not indestructible, just very tough.

  • Departmental Door remote
    All department doors are NT NET linked via the station’s coms system and can be accessed remotely two ways, Via station A.I. or more conventionally via remote control. Contained within your locker is a remote that allows for convenient remote access of most door functionality, barring electrically charging it’s surfaces.
    Consider keeping this on you in some cappacity, as this device can make escorting persons in or out of your department easier, such as dutiful janitors or unruly others. also useful in emergency scenarios when you need to quickly allow general access or securely bolt a door. consider placing it in your wall safe if you don’t intend on using it.

  • Folders, forms and documents.
    Nothing is more annoying than having need of a paper, but having it crumple and otherwise occupy space in your chosen bag. Scattered about the station are various folders, chances are your office itself contains a departmentally relevant, or full blown blue command folder. these make for quick sorting of documents and will be particularly useful when NT Business affairs department gets around to upgrading our Photocopier software. this way you’ll be able to conveniently have any potentially necessary papers on hand for when you need to write out orders and permissions.
    Extra consideration:
    in the event you aren’t already familiar with your stamps, BECOME SO PLEASE! this is very useful for expediting any form of bureaucracy with a degree of authenticity and is just good practice. I keep my stamp on hand 24/7 because standing orders, weapons permits, arrest and search warrants do not authenticate themselves.

  • Emergency tools
    There are various useful impliments such as pocket crowbars, pocket fire extinguishers, flares and glowsticks that having on hand for emergencies and non-standard, but reasonably expectable scenarios such as power outages and small fires. keep these in your internals box and you’re less likely to be caught lacking. NT sometimes even issues such impliments in said boxes when surplus can be afforded.