Command Channel Color

If I knew how to use github i’d make a pr myself, but I don’t so this is the best I got.

Blue is not the best color for the most important radio channel. Its borderline invisible when its not on loud mode because it blends in with all the tooltips. (Which are almost the same color).

It needs to be a more attention grabbing color, and the only one of those that not in use is yellow.

Id like to hear thoughts on this.


I’d say that green is better, as yellow would be confused with Engineering’s orange text.

Green is used by two other channels.

Hah dark mode users

That is true, but a neon green could work. It is different from Service’s forest green and Centcom’s pastel green.

Oh yeah i completely forgot about service and centcomm, 4 channels then

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Oh, right. I totally forgot about common and robotic talk.

5 channels now


I’m pretty sure the command channel is already yellow?

I agree. I often miss command messages that are on normal volume. Maybe some kind of bright red? I’d think it wouldn’t conflict with dark red security comms too much.

merely a skill issue

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I mean if we are talking about how noticeable channels are, syndi comms suck. The color is awful and so hard to notice, nukies should definitely start with high volume mode just so they can hear each other over all the other chatter.

yeah i’ve had problems with that before

It is on lightmode, on darkmode it’s blue.

dark mode user seethe

literally stop using the tacked on dark mode


Exploration should be .h only because .q is used for NSV13 Air traffic.

Literally noone uses service channel except for HOPs who enjoy RP and those guys may as well paint a giant bullseye on their chest and write “Free AA” on their backs.

I would hope all of our HoPs enjoy RP.

If they don’t they’ll meet a hammer eventually.