ColemanStove banned by batteryban

CKEY: colemanstove

**Admin’s CKEY:**batteryban

**Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:**golden

**Ban Type:**server

**Ban Length:**perma

**Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):**2020-01-17 04:56

**Round ID:**11539

**Ban Reason:**Less than five minutes into the round killed the captain under the pretense “its lowpop there is no action” Appeal on the forums, I salute you

Appeal Reason: Out of all the times I have appealed, this is the worst fuck up I have ever done because I truly was a shitter. Now I know this is really bad and I admit i fucked up the captains round BUT this isn’t something I would normally do in a server that has a population above 10 people. You can interpret this as me defending murderboning because I was bored but we all know that a low pop sever is a different animal. You can be murderboned and have no admin to run to and your round is ruined but nothing can be done. That is what happened to me in the previous round, I had been decapitated by a sec officer because I was holding a surgical saw but there was no admin to help me out. So, assuming I would eventually just get murderboned again, I just decided that I would take matters into my own hands and develop a kill or be killed mentality. Like I said before, I wouldn’t normally do this on a high pop server. I confess to my actions, and realize the severity but I had a bad round before and I thought I could get away with what had happened to me which is wrong.

Additional Information: Thanks for the salute big boi

Aight I appreciate that you appealed this when you could but given that you were perma banned less than a month ago for a situation not quite but in some ways similar to this I’d like to leave this up to a higher authority for some deeper review onto you as a player.

Also sorry to say but I’m not so merciful in these cases.

This ban should stick for a while. You killed the most important person on the station 5 mins into the round for no reason.

Alright, Cole so after smoking thirty cigars and two bottles of whiskey later in my smoking room I’ve come to the conclusion that this does eventually require a solution that will get you back into the game but at the same time give you a reminder that this kind of shittery is not permitted because what you did is very bad especially for LRP standards.

Since I’ve been told to decide your fate I wish to give you something tough that you will not forget in the next month. So in return, this ban will be lowered from a permanent one to a month-long ban I hope you can understand and will get back on Bee when this is over. I’ll be leaving this ban appeal open incase others including yourself wish to argue this case in hopes of lowering this ban even further which I am stil up to debate on.

Understanding that you have to set a precedent that disallows this sort of behavior, a one month ban is a punishment, but too long in my opinion. This is because I only murdered one person on a low population server, therefore I hardly affected anyone’s game play besides the captain unfortunately. So I think because it was on a low pop server with only one murder, I think that reducing my harsh sentence to 1-2 weeks would be more fitting. If I committed the same acts during regular high pop times, then one month would be fitting. In addition to reducing my sentence, I would like for you to keep in mind the 3 days that I have already been banned. Thank you for negotiating.