Coffeekat discord mute appeal 2.0

Discord ID:
Admin Discord ID:
Ban Type:
Ban Length:
Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):
Ban Reason:
no particular reason besides francis being an asshole. i was saying it is unreasonable to not add a feature that admins already has, and it is.
Appeal Reason:
meme ban
Additional Information:
meme ban

I don’t see any warnings that have anything to do with francinum.
You sure you’re not mistaken?

the warn was removed and then added again in 08/29/2021

Fran did the original warning,
someone (I’d have to look up who) lifted it
Ruko decided that, no, the original warning was approriate.

Considering you clearly still dont see anything wrong with what went down
i recomdend against this being lifted

I did not break any stupid rules this time, don’t see what you mean