Clown-LemonFY and the Sage host shinenigans


Admin’s CKEY: Host/Isy232

Both servers ban

Ban Type: Non-permanent game ban

Ban Length: 14 days

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 08/13/2021

Round ID: 32007

Ban Reason: “Lied 2 times in ahelp”

Appeal Reason: Gonna tell the story again here and try to find out about things I lied about.
After using an intelligence potion on a magicarp, I used it for the 3rd/4th time and left, thinking that there are no ghosts wanting to carp around. But he got sentient and got out, which I did not know. Then this carp intentionally (or not, honestly no idea) killed security lad, which I ignored. I got bwoinked by an admin, asking

“did you order your carp to kill this guy”

I said no, for I had a greater goal which occupied my mind - HONK mech… Which got robusted by sec, and I got arrested. Admin asked me

“did he attack sec because he tried to kill your mech”

which I again said no - I had no link here.

After that admin stated that he will write that down as me fighting against sec.

Can’t recall anything from there, but I’m super interested in exacts of this ban reason and I wanna see if I can appeal, but ban will probably expire faster.

Additional Information: Honk. After honk mech shinenigans I escaped brig (with no sec casualties) twice, but it’s irrelevant.

You claimed the carp wasn’t yours - it was and it was defending you. You also claimed you did not get into a fight with security over the mech at all.

HONK Mechs are illegal if unauthorized - handling them IC perfectly normal.

Sentience potions activate after five seconds, so it’s somewhat farfetched to claim you didn’t know the carp was yours.

I’ll need to see logs to verify whether or not you actually fought sec - the only thing I’ve seen is the ahelp itself

I did? I thought I said it was my carp but I did not order him to do anything.
As he got his intelligence when I spranted away I didn’t really know or had any way of knowing he was my carp.

Yeah fair. I was dodging bullets, lasers and melee hits while ultrahonking back trying to run away, can’t say they didn’t have a ground for attacking me.

Then the confused admin did some further investigation to see who did own it and pressured you for it, after which you changed your story.

Note the time gap here

I had a realization that the carp I used potion on and immideately left was the same carp killing officer, that’s my mistake of not noting

How about this portion of the ticket?

Explain with as much detail as possible what happened I’m robotics

I also want to add following details:
I did not order carp to protect me or take care of me in any form.
Only after admin pm num 2 I realized that the carp was mine, I had no intention of “lying”.
I did not lethal or use anything except HONK blast from the unholy mech.

The carp MUST do this by default. Sentient mobs are loyal to and must protect/obey their masters, especially if the master gives them no specific orders.

So you did engage security despite confirming that you didn’t in ticket until being told it was logged?

Sec was shooting me, I blasted them, and I didn’t care of what carp was doing.
I thought his bolt was too random and a bit of an overreaction, therefore I said it must have been a casualty. My mistake - it was not.

I can’t recall all the events, but I can tell at least some events.
Robo gets a metal extract and starts stacking bananium.
Robo builds me honk.
(I could not recall was it before or after honk building) Sec gets carp’d by a carp I did not know I own
Shutters open, making sec shoot me
I honkblast, trying to hide in robos and get help from clown-friendly RD
Mech gets killed, I get batoned and briged

Honking for self-defense is engaging? My bad, honestly sorry.

Even just being attacked by security is “being involved” with them. A fight occurred between you and security in robotics even if you hadn’t fought back.

But yes, fighting back is engaging with someone.

In my logic, attack with intention of harm from both sides = engage
when one side wants to live while not harming the other side it’s self-defense
I hope we can call it a misunderstanding.

if sec lethals… you can lethal right back tho?

I did not lethal, but that’s pretty interesting :smiley:
I think same rule as a non-antag prisoner breakout applies

It’s also not wholly true.

Security officers, the head of security and captain may escalate and skip to lethal force in accordance with Space Law’s use of deadly force . Non-antagonists may not use lethal force against security until after they have used it against you without being baited or forced into using it. This means critting or killing security that is doing their job properly is always over-escalation for non-antagonists.

Being in a mech renders non-lethal takedowns ineffective. Security’s only response to an illegal and potentially hostile mech is to use lethals to destroy it.

Does flashbanging the mech work on (edit: Bee!!)? If it doesn’t then it’s fair n square, but we’re getting off topic

To summarize: I did not lie intentionally, but came to lying due to not fully understanding the situation at the time. I fully understand my guilt.

This isnt tg

wait, I uh
I was just playing tg rn and I got confused lol

I kinda feel bad for this appeal
If only I’d have taken enough time to respond to the first pm, it’d have ended with a simple warning and not turn into lengthy and now dead back-and-forth forum chatting
To sum it up again, 2 lies were not intentional, they were born from my half-asleep brain trying to comprehend and answer fast to the admin ticket about a carp I did not know was mine
Not to mention my interpretation on the word “engage”, which was like ultra different from the normal one
Anyway, I accept my mistakes and probably gonna wait until 30th or smth, because who in this wolly world would revisit a ticket that has not been accepted nor declined for more than a week
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