Clarification for level of allowable chaos

What can and can’t a traitor with “die a glorious death” do? Same stuff as hijack? Can they bomb things? Destroy things? Kill randomly?

If you have two or more kill objectives for people in the same department, can you sabotage that department? Can you bomb a department with a maxcap syndie bomb for any less than 3 targets?

Can ANYONE Singuloose EVER? It’s not exactly a viable hijack option. I wanna either singuloose or see a singuloose on beestation before I die, please answer.

Can lings murderbone as long as they absorb as soon as they have a moment of quiet?

Can lings make the station uninhabitable for non-lings? Things like atmospheric sabotage, depressurizing halls, etc. when you have revive coma and a space suit.

Regardless of your objective, can you kill any security officer even if they have no idea you’re a traitor and pose no current threat to you? Can you kill the Captain? Can you take all the captain’s stuff and declare it syndicate station?

If your objectives are absolutely 100% unachievable for one reason or another, can you go out in a blaze of glory?

I need answers. Real ones. Not vague wishy-washy “try it and find out” stuff because I’ve suffered enough bans for not understanding the limitations of the rules.

Please answer for both servers, by the way, as I play on both. Sage far more than Golden but I do play both.

play lrp its like one in 8 rounds.

pretty much but its not murder bone is isolated killings.

I was told they cant bomb shuttle but can murderbone/bomb elsewere

no thats cringe on mrp

(this is what I was told before because I asked the same thing)

according to antag conduct antagonists with martyr can murderbone as they please

You can kill sec officers as long as its isolated killings and not for example maxcapping brig.
Im pretty sure you can always kill captain because of items he holds (AA, objectives, weapons) and proclaiming syndicate station might even be supported by admins if you send message to syndicate using emag.

I was told shuttle was a exemption albeit that was like 5 months ago

exception that isn’t written in antag conduct

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Hijack and Martyr can do whatever they wish, up to and including things that would normally get you an instant perma as non-antag.

Examples of things you can do at roundstart with either objective (although with Martyr you are expected to die while doing it)

  • Destroy the Supermatter (including singulo/Tesla)
  • Plasmaflood the station
  • Randomly bomb the station
  • Kill people 4noRaisin
  • Lure bubblegum to the station
  • Get 200x gold slime cores and then inject them with plasma
  • Convince the station you’re friendly and then suicide bomb the fuckers that decide to play along with it to teach them that friendly antags are cringe and shouldn’t be trusted.

there might be some salt behind that last one


Not being able to use a syndicate bomb on the brig baffles me.

12 TC to cripple security seems like a pretty reasonable play for almost any set of objectives, unless your objective is “make sure nobody knows that there are any traitors at all and genuinely believes it’s a green shift” but that’s not an objective


just break into armoury and space it if you want to cripple sec and the entire station


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i think they’re still salty about that antag ban for bombing the SM

can’t say i blame them

how about it’s like clown car or his grace

“Buying a syndicate item gives you the right to use it to the extent of it’s abilities”

So buying syndiebomb lets you bomb medical without hijack, but only WITH the bomb, you can’t just buy a syndiebomb and murderbone with maxcaps

that sounds like a good amount of chaos to me

but then again i’m a fucking dumbass

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Just an FYI - this is no longer true after rules rework goes up. You will need to be already allowed to murderbone in order to murderbone with these such items, just like the syndi bomb. No more free murderbone pass for clowns/chaplains.

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holy shit now we might actually see more use of shit like reverse revolver or shard kit instead of just
heeheehoohoo free murderbone toolbox car go unga bunga

but if this is happening we should probably buff hijack or martyr rates so people can actually use these at all rather than just… them existing

Last time I did it (albeit it was a dragon), someone just deleted him right away. Was a sad moment.

Ahelp it if you had the murderbone pass. That be adminbussing your antag round.

Congratulations - you are owed one antag token from round ID: 25361

neon2008 \ Edd Goblino \ Shaft Miner \ traitor \ ROUNDSTART
OBJ: Neon2008/(Edd Goblino) was assigned the following objective automatically: Hijack the shuttle to ensure no loyalist Nanotrasen crew escape alive and out of custody.
ADMIN: WhyisCaeciliusTaken/(Ivan Rokossovsky) deleted the ash drake at (53,132,2)

I’m putting a message on your account now, ahelp to have it awarded when you’re next online.

I will never get over how powerful Kibana is for finding things quickly


The ash drake was on the arrivals shuttle

Congratulations - one antag token was deduced from your account!


When in doubt ahelp before you actually do it and ask the admeme of the round what they think as theyll be the one to ticket it.

Wait so we cant use clown car and drive it into the SM anymore???