ClappaSmoke banned by Oo7craigmc

Don’t know don’t care
Admin’s CKEY:
Why should I know this? Why should I type this even if I did?
Ban Type:
Badmin honestly
Ban Length:
Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):
1806/03/22 (Today why is this really that specific it’s a ban forum not my taxes)
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
Suspected Griefer. Making maxcap, and breaking into places as nonantag Assistant. Appeal on the forums.
Appeal Reason:
None really. I did it.
Additional Information:
I’m not a griefer, and even if I was I wouldn’t do it as non antag. Badmin just hits his hammer cause he can. Keep it or not idc, just wanted to post about it cause I think perma after suspect is really bad admin etiquette.


Because… that’s the person who will be assigned to consider the appeal…?
@oo7craigmc @sergeikoralev

Okay. I am, for the moment, going to go for the hypothetical scenario that everything you have said thus far is in good faith, entirely genuine, and that you just have an extremely misinformed view of how an appellate is supposed to work.

Lets start by you clarifying the order of events for us:

  1. What was your reasoning for creating the maxcap?

  2. Regarding ‘etiquette’, why are you under the impression that admins will give any benefit of the doubt to a player with no prior ss13 history and a total of 1 hour on the station?

  3. You understand how easily it can be construed that a player is attempting to grief if they immediately rush for toxins and have absolutely zero player history, right?

Im genuinely interested to see if you answer these or if you simply move on to the next alt account.


Hi there!
So you, as a non-antag assistant, had been breaking into places throughout the round for no IC reason. You were wearing a stolen engineering hardsuit and you had just broken out of science with a TTV in a locker. When I bwoinked you to ask what you were doing this was how you replied:
Then you stuck the TTV in a disposals chute.
I looked up your info and found that you had just made the account yesterday and yet you seemed oddly familiar with the game’s mechanics. This is a tell-tale sign of ban evaders and griefers so I applied a ban and told you to appeal here in case I had made a mistake.

Judging from this appeal, however, I don’t think I did, but I welcome the input of other admins.
Have a great day!


Read through most of it, and glad to know the community never changes. Reason: Fun. The game (at least when I play) is fun. Does that fun involve a big boom? sure. But I do it IN SPACE. Crazy how you noticed the disposals but not the oxy tank, gas mask, or engie suit to go into SPACE. I find it so funny you all will treat a new player like this if I was one. Honestly keep the ban. I have friends that REALLY like this game. Guess we should pay you all a visit :wink:

you have friends?


Not a peanut post but advice.

Arrogance and stupid self-righteous indignation does not help your ban appeals.

If you dont actually give a shit about appealing and just want to troll the staff, dont make a ban appeal to waste the admeme’s time. Just do that on the Discord.