CKEY-J515 Banned by Ravellon


Admin’s CKEY: Ravellon

*Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: *Both

Which server did the ban happen on? Sage(MRP)

Ban Type: Server

Ban Length: 1 Week

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 11/6/2020

Round ID: 23518

Ban Reason: Burned down chapel because chaplain stole Poly, got beaten into crit, Succumbed and immediately ahelped chaplain for killing him

Appeal Reason: So as atmos engineer and a engie who actually takes pride in poly and defending the workplace i decided to burn to chapel and i thought surely this wont hurt anyone and it wont be over escalation, so i built a flamethrower loaded it and checked chapel to see if anyone was inside, nobody was so i took out my flamethrower fired about 3 times walk out chaplain starts kicking and beating me while i did nothing but try call for help i got critted and succumbed and ahelped him because i thought the chaplain was jumping a few steps instead of shoving and cuffing me.

TLDR: Chaplain stole poly, I build flamethrower to get revenge and because i thought i wasn’t breaking any rules, i go to chapel and look to see if anyone is inside, i burn it down, i get critted and i succumb and ahelp in which i had no intention of ban baiting

Additional Information: I made this ban appeal to atleast try and shorten it, i understand i did wrong i just wanted to explain myself and state i did not intend of overesc and ban baiting

Killing Ian makes you valid, so burning down the chapel with no one in it for stealing Poly seems fine with me. A little unbased that you ahelped, but whatever.
You didn’t kill anyone, so I don’t think this should be a ban at all really, let alone a 1 week one.

Yes because causing mini plasmafire in chapel because some chaplain stole your parrot is alright and doesn’t hurt anyone. Then you get beaten as you should be and are cocky enough to ahelp.

5. Don’t Self Antag

Self-antagging includes (but is not limited to) damaging the station … You may defend yourself against others, but avoid escalating the situation.

Destroying a section of the station for an unjustified reason is self-antag… And having your pet stolen is definitely not justification for going on a flamethrower rampage in another department, chapel included.

Chaplain sees you’ve come to his department, flamethrower on and in-hand while torching his place, of course he’s going to act in response.

As soon as you were in crit, you then did the ghost command, removing any chance he had of trying to stabilize and restrain you. You then opened an ahelp about how he killed you without good reason and gave a one-sided story.

Even if the intention wasn’t to bait a ban, it definitely came off as such, and the part of the ban about over-escalation is definitely accurate although not in the sense we usually mean it - No you didn’t torch the chaplain, but you still escalated having your pet stolen into completely trashing a department.

Also I pulled up the wrong logs when I checked earlier, sorry for saying I didn’t see any ban baiting in discord, but you left right after so I couldn’t correct it.

Burning down furniture isn’t really destroying a part of the station though, although it’s pretty cringe for him to ghost right as he entered crit, that’s either thinking he won’t be revived (which is dumb) or actual band baiting (more likely).
Killing a pet makes you valid, so stealing one should give you IC consequences.

I really don’t like your reasoning of it damaging part of the station though, it didn’t do that.

Killing a pet does not make you valid

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no intention of ban baiting i just wanted a simple note and that was it now maybe the flamethrower was excessive maybe i shouldve just broken in and steal the null rod but at that time i thought flamethrower was not self antag sorry folks

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Have you used a flamethrower since fastmos? They’re not only more powerful now but suicidal without an atmos har wasdsuit because of their effect on atmos in the surrounding area.

Basic plasma flamethrower is like starting a small plasma fire, as another player put it. It doesn’t simply make a line of flame.

Killing specifically Ian does, even on MRP. It was among the first of the meme rulings passed by council and still upheld.

[2020-11-06 18:39:12.360] ATTACK: J515/(Kayle Leach) Has succumbed to death while in soft critical with -12.9 points of health! (Departure Lounge (98, 77, 2))
[2020-11-06 18:40:15.275] ADMINPRIVATE: Ticket #3: J515/(Kayle Leach): Gervase Newton, the chaplin stole poly then i went and set the chapel on fire when he wasnt in there and he kills me seems like overesc

This looks very much like ban baiting. Beating you up into soft crit is not killing you. Especially right after you torched his place of work.
Also, flamethrower makes a location it is used in unsurvivable without protective gear until it is fixed by someone with air alarm access.

Well i did not intend on it i always ghost after crit pretty much always so its up to you i guess ive been trying to be on my best behaviour since at that time i had a mentor app and i did not want to fuck it up

Actually, I can confirm this claim.
Across about 750 unique rounds played, you’ve succumbed to death 250 times, which would heavily indicate it’s a normal thing for you.

how did you find this information?

Better log searching than ever before.

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damm so you did CTRL+F: J515, Succumb?

Pretty close to it, yes - searching against all logs currently present. The most recent hit was the line containing your ban, and if you’ve ever said the word “succumb” in round, it would also make a hit show up

wow thats crazy must ask Caecilius for a tour of the admin system

This seems kinda fishy.
I was a chef and every round I cook I kill Pete to make steaks, well the other chef did not like it and killed me. So of course I ahelped and I believe I was told that chef had a good reason to kill me and it was an IC issue.
So should not that be also used here? I think that burning some furniture is much better than killing someone.

well what server was this on cause if it was on lrp then rullings were probably different