Cimicomorpha Player Feedback

Your local MRP Medical Moth here. Now that I’m closing in on 500h. I’d like to know what you all think of me.
And for those of you who don’t know who I am.
I’m Cimicomorpha Reduviidae (Static name whoo!), I main medical doctor, botanist and scientist and chances are that if you were ever in medbay during highpop that I had to patch you up (Please stop dying my sanity is slowly dwindling).

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I don’t remember any specific interactions with you but i do see you as medical doctor often. From what i’ve seen so far you’re pretty chill and rather friendly.

Welp. It’s been almost a year now so I feel like starting another round of feedback since I finally returned from a much needed break. Furthermore, with the opening of Acacia I’ve switched my preferred server to it!
I still main medical, science and still use the same static, but I’ve also improved on some new aspects. I’ve finally started taking on command for one and with the arrival of exploration, I’ve been doing a bunch of that as well.
Lastly I’m now considering applying for mentor. The post is drafted but I think I’ll wait a bit more on that. (Maybe learn some engineering before I do apply!)

But without further ado. Feedback away, I guess.

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See you on acacia every time I hop on, you’re pretty competent and confident in medbay, would love to see you in the metor team, thumbs off to you

Good doctor, same with no interaction personally but you were dedicated and never were a troublemaker, 10/10 would give 11 if i was slightly less xenophobic. Skill issue.