Cibum Circumdatos/Mi - A.M.0r Feedback, R8 or H8?

Is the moff the most boring person to talk to? Is the AI/pAI too laggy for you?

Make your complaints and compliments here.

Sometimes go by Bill BillWrights and Cut-The-Meat.

Usually alright to talk to. Cibum never really talks or barely does so hard to RP with them, too job focused or business-like so to speak, so I get the impression of wanting to play game more than RP.

Mi-amor is a good ai, even if sometimes understandably slow to respond due to workload. One of my top three AI though when they have a moment to chat

Met Cuts a few times and they fed me so thats cool

Got Mi - A.m.0r is a pAI once – very good experience, extremely attentive and useful. Actually felt like I had a personal assistant, the RP was spot on – would highly encourage more pAI play!

A day or so ago you found an engineer with my body on lavaland and somehow didn’t put the pieces together that I was murdered by him.

He said that I was killed by a cargo tech and i guess that was good enough. (There wasnt a single tech on staff)

HOWEVER it was funny as hell to watch, and funnier to look back on.

+1 would work with situationally unaware borg again

Did report you to sec afterwards.