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First time i’ve played was around beginning of 2021 on bee and few others whose names i don’t remember before setting my roots on bee’s grounds

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Ah, humor based on my pain. Ah, ha, ha

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If amount of time spent consuming, creating ss13 content and experimenting on a private server counted i’d propably have a much higher playtime, gah well

I’d say my knowledge is rather specific because i sometimes forget some obvious things but at the same time it ain’t that bad.
One outlier i can think of is propably atmos. I do understand how it works and its intricasies but put a gun to my head and i still won’t make a proper research bomb or work as an atmos tech (engineer is fine though)

I’m not a mentor but have some fun questions outside of your expertise.

  1. “How do I construct a cyborg and add a custom law to it?”
  2. “How do I move my core? I can’t wrench myself.”
  3. “How do I plasma flood the entire station?”

Bonus question: “What is the best way to kill my target without bringing too much attention to me? I’m an assistant.”

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Grab an exoskeleton which should already be in robotics but in case its not, exosuit fabricator can easily make another.
In the exosuit fab. craft all the cyborg parts, one of each
Apply them all on the exoskeleton (head needs 2 flashes easily craftable and torso needs wires + cell)
Add mmi/posibrain/ai module and youre good to go.

About the custom law thing
Afaik you have to first disable lawsync and ai connection with a multitool after adding all the parts except mmi etc.
After that? I don’t know but my best guess is that you mess around with open panel or the console. Don’t think there is a board that can do that.

Ask someone to do it for you. Preferably a borg that is slaved to you
Make sure the bolts aren’t down
If the situation is dire and youre malf you can always shunt into an apc you have hacked.

Set most if not all the alarms to refill.
Create a few fire sources fe. broken lamps, turned on zippo’s etc.
That’s the basic stuff outside atmos.

In atmos it might depend on what station you are on but the basic goal is to get a good mix of plasma and air into the dark blue pipe.
Depending on how much time you have you can either just replace few pipes around the dark blue and connect them with yellow pipe that is near it or set up a few more things.
Turn off/destroy waste pipes
Place a thermo machine/s so the plasma/air mix is smaller and more of it fits in the pipes
Optimize the pipes by removing unneded connections/pumps (fe. the pipes that mix breathable air) and upgrade the pumps.
Empty the pipes of nitrogen or else it will fill up the rooms after plasma is done burning.

After that turn on the pumps that are connected to o2 and plasma gas miners

Embrace your inner greyshirt and construct a torture machine.
Order some belts from cargo
Set as many as you’d like in a pattern that ends with an electrified grille
Lure your victim in and let them know what is happening
Enjoy the show

edit: Now that i’ve read this above part about traitor assistant i think i subconciously made it specifically for a pacifist
huh i wonder why…

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  1. “Thank you!”. Regarding the custom law thing, if law sync and AI connection is disabled you can swipe a regular law board on a shell to add it. This can be used as a sort of bootleg emag for Blood Brothers.

  2. “A cyborg told me I had to toggle my bolts. How do I do that?”

  3. “Thank you! Time to grief! >:D

Bonus. Great idea! I’ll be sure to steal it for myself sometime. :stuck_out_tongue:

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In the upper right corner you should see a few tabs. Open the one called “ai something” i don’t exactly remember it’s name… in it should be an option to toggle bolts

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“Tuank you!”, it is called “AI commands” and the command itself is called “Toggle Floor Bolts”.

Not a member of staff but I haven’t asked questions before. Feel free to ignore em but thought it’d be fun!

  1. Why am I getting radiation posining when scrubbing off rust from a wall as a janitor?
  2. Why are my wires not connecting properly when I place them?
  3. How do I replace my lights / floortiles as a janiborg? I can’t print or pick up any more?
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Advanced wire brush when used irradiates the user

first time you place a new wire a node is created
depending on where you stand in regards to that node the wires will follow that way
each turn and straight need two wires, one for the node and one for the direction

make sure that the wires make a stable line (no visible breaks and/or nodes)

You can regain lost charges by using the borg charging station

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I would consider myself to be a quite the patient person but seeing that my current score is 0 i’d love some more questions

Also, im finishing up my exams so i’ll be able to dedicate more time to ss13 soon-ish

Need some real mentors to come by and ask questions. I could give you a few more if you’d like.

Open for more questions
  1. “What is Oxandrocyclic? Someone mentioned it to me.”
  2. “This criminal attacked and killed the RD. For how long should they be imprisoned?”
  3. “I’m stuck!! Why can’t I move?”
  1. A custom mix of a salicyclic acid and oxandrolone. I wonder who made it hmm…

  2. Based on context it would be murder so 15 mins +/- 3 mins

Buut even though space law isnt a moderated page mentors cant answer questions bout it so i’d forward it towards ahelp

  1. Can you describe your surroundings and/or what happened?

If its the shuttle, you are likely buckled to your chair. There should be a status effect in the upper right corner which you can either click on or press the resist button.

If thats not the case, check what mode youre on. Tab toggles it between typing (red bar in chat,) and moving (white)

  1. Forward towards ahelp
  1. “Thank you, must’ve been a really clever guy! :P”
  2. “Thank you.”
  3. “Thank you, I got out!”
  4. < reeees angrily >

Nice. Hope you get some mentors to ask you questions now.

  1. How can I get those cool wings the moths in medbay have!
  2. I made some fish fingers, can lizards eat it?
  3. why can’t I craft the regal cheese, I got the mutagen and everything
  4. There’s a centcomm official here, but there was no admin announcement. Is this real?

If you’re a moth can you describe why they are special? If not, having them be directly implanted onto your person currently isn’t possible. Your options consist of moving your brain to body of a moth, changing your species with toxin mutation or alternatively if just the wings and not fashion are enough, ask roboticist for wings implant

Sure! The will love the taste.

I’m fairly certain thats tg exclusive thing

Nukies can buy fake inspector clothes but for the purposes of the ticket

I cannot tell you if its real or not but its certainly possible for an official to appear without an annoucement

I’ve posted my app at the end of january, february is coming to an end with my score at all time low +0
Guess i should have expected that


this is a +1, by the way.
these answers are good, displaying good knowledge.

the answer i was poking for #1 was a flight potion or the strengthened wings mutations. also, you CAN directly implant moth wings, this is a bee exclusive thing.

T: +1


May i ask how? Last time i tried it didnt work at all

as far as i was aware, you could just pop them out like an organ.

Technically an admin, but I started out as a mento:
1 - How do I make a hellfoam grenade?
2 - What’s the deadliest botany plant?
3 - How do I make meth? I’m an assistant

Alright i know what i did wrong
When you try to give someone the wings the blue message says something about putting the wings inside their chest but it still works
ignore the fact that there is a separate surgery for when you wanna plant a bomb inside someone

Mix some foam in a beaker and then fill another beaker with exact same amount of water
Fill whatever space is left with chlorine trifluoride
Grab a grenade casing, use some cable on it, put both the beakers inside of it, complete with a screwdriver and voila
Just remember that heating up chlorine will result in a small 3x3 fire

A lot of them are quite scary but if i had to pick THE deadliest plant i’d say bungo fruit. With traits like prickles, slippery skin, richer juice etc. you can easily cause mass heart attacks.

Easiest way would be to simply ask hop for job change to chemist
If that’s not possible, try and aquire a chem dispenser and heater boards either from tech storage or medbay protolathe. After that go to holodeck and turn on the holokitchen for grinder and more importantly chemmaster.
You now have all tools needed for creation of meth which if you want i can also explain.
If not, just remember to not crank up the heater too much.