Check antag rep button

Very simple. People already get told their rep when they ahelp about it, so why not add a check-antag-rep verb? If people can see their own notes, they should be able to see their rep.


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bruh how do I see my notes

I only know how to check bans on forums

Go to ooc
Click “view admin comments”
See the war.crimes you’ve commited

2019-09-01 21:12:50 | bs_golden | Ruediger4

Threw clown through the teleporter and into the Toxins test area (no oxygen nor pressure and maxcaps are thrown in there) for a “prank”.


2019-11-24 14:46:59 | bs_golden | Moccha

Activated shield wall and accidently gibbed a scientist, leep an eye if he does it again

bruh I even cloned the wanker then he suicided because “I want to be xenomorph”