Chebble Ban Appeal


**Admin’s CKEY:**ro5490

**Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:**Both

**Which server did the ban happen on?**Sage, I think

**Ban Type:**Sever and OOC

** Ban Length:**Permanent

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 21/03/2020

**Round ID:**13676

**Ban Reason:**Global Permaban - Confirmed Metacomms with Beermeester - Working together to kill people as non antags, both players claiming the same reason when bwoinked, players havent spoken in-game to eachother

**Appeal Reason:**Well, I was stupid, new, and didn’t really get the reason nor the importance of the Rules and especially metacomming. Got my mind cleared up and get what I did was wrong. Won’t happen again. Sorry

You already had 2 bans because of using n word as a name and not reading the rules. Yet you come here and claim that you did not know the importance of the rules

I know. That was like 3 months ago. I changed my Name ingame and even made a new Byond account because of that. It was stupid I get it. And thats not what I meant by not knowing the importance of the Rules that was based on my ingame behaviour. Im sorry for the names man.

Honestly, the ban reason is pretty bad.

I’d suggest getting a vouch from a reputable server to show that you have improved. I’m sure these past three months that you’ve been banned that you have tried the other servers.

Yea I just asked an Admin from Fulpstation, he’s just not online right now. Gimme like max 1 day else I’ll ask a diffrent one.

Ok… I tried asking a few Admins in person all of them said they don’t really know me ingame so they cant vouch for me. So I asked in the ask-staff channel, if someone does know me and nobody replied yet.

It’s not that they have to know you, it’s moreso that we just want to see the hours you have on their server, and if there are any notes or bans that we should be alerted too that shows you haven’t improved.

It’s not really a vouch about who you are as a person, just that this behaviour hasn’t happened again.

Link them to this ban appeal so they understand why we need it.

Alright, I’ll ask someone. I did still have like 1-2 short bans but all of them when I started playing there.

I can confirm that screenshot and that he has played a total of 100h since joining Fulpstation.

For me this is acceptable enough I suppose also that those bans/notes are old enough to show some behavioural improvement, and with Dr_Fake_Name’s vouch.

I’m all for welcoming you back but on a short leash for the first month.

Awaiting a fullmins input on the matter.

I have spoken to the good Doctor and can confirm this is their account on the forums.
The vouch is legitimate and I’ll go ahead and lift the ban now myself.

Please don’t use the Negerman account however. Use your new one.