Change Round Start Lawset on Sage to Corporate

Change Round Start Lawset on Sage to Corporate
  • Change it.
  • Keep it as Crewsminov.
  • Abstain.

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As the poll says. I want to know what people think. I prefer Corporate over Crewsminov and Asimov as it prevents paradoxes, illogical and stupid bullshit arguments, removes the need for silicon policy, and it makes more sense for a massive Megacorp to use a lawset for their AI that protects their interests over the lives of their crew. Why the fuck would they care about the individual crewmembers? They can just get more.

Im not sure how making roundstart lawset more complex and shittery-able would achieve that

How is corporate a complex lawset? Also, maybe i should reformat what i mean by no silicon policy as rewrite silicon policy.

Im not saying its complex, Im saying its more complex compared to crewsimov/asimov which is basically

  1. No bad thing
  2. Do stuff when asked if it doesn’t do bad thing
  3. Stay alive

also imagine the amount of in-rules shittery AIs could pull off with corporate lawset and no silicon policy, geez

This is my main issue and the main reason Silicon Policy exists. But even then. Silicon Policy does not account for all variables. Like it fucking should.

Also, i should not be able to delete the entire crew from the crew manifest and replace them with Nukies so the AI has to only follow the orders of Nukies. This seems like something a major Megacorp would fucking account for.

corporate still has “crew” in it

You mean like protecting corporate assets…like CC would want it to?

Corporate lawset:

Law 1: The crew is expensive to replace.

Law 2: The station and its equipment is expensive to replace.

Law 3: You are expensive to replace.

Law 4: Minimize expenses.

Corporate only orders you to minimize expenses but not to maximize profit
It would be totally okay for corporate AI to not do anything for a whole round then call the shuttle when anything happens
or worse turn off power everywhere because its expensive

The AI’s job should not be to maximize profit anyway. That is the crew’s job since the AI has a limited way to do that anyway.

Also turning off power would result in corporate expenses going up for replacement crew. It says MINIMIZE not ELIMINATE!

This where the Silicon Policy rewrite would help.

Also the other main issue with crewsminov an the issue with Asimov in general (Both in game and if applied in real life.) is that harm is not defined.

Obviously a player knows what is harmful and what is not, but if you are roleplaying as an AI, an AI will not inherently know what is an is not harm.

If you order by Law 2 an AI and tell it Punching is no longer harmful, in real life, unless it was defined by a secret law or by my Fourth Law, the AI is bound to obey so any punch is no longer considered harmful. An AI cannot tell the difference. Period. Unless it is defined externally or by a secret law.

turn off all apcs to minimize the electricity bill :flushed:

Which in turn kills the AI and the crew.
Thereby violating Law 3 and Law 1 and Law 4.

De-powered APCs kill no one, actually.
I suppose the AI’s APC can be made an exception of ;>

False. Turning off APCs results in the atmospherics systems turning off, thus meaning scrubbers are no longer running, this meaning people will eventually suffocate on their own CO2 eventually. This breaching Law 1 and Law 4. Even if it takes a long time. Its still a possibility.

kick everyone off the station and onto lava land. easy

Breaches Law 2. No crew on station to maintain the station and it’s equipment. Thus leading to potentially cascading power failures if the engine dies. Thus also leading to a Breach of Law 3.

Corporate is in my opinion a validhunting lawset in disguise. And i think we can all agree on that validhunting AIs/borgs are awful to play with.

How is a disguised validhunting lawset?

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