Chamoral ban(note appeal)

CKEY: Chamoral

Admin’s CKEY: Tennessee116

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Golden

Which server did the ban happen on? Golden

Ban Type: Server

Ban Length: 21 days

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2-07-2020

Round ID: 18007

Ban Reason: “Lying in ahelps, magically forgetting this they’ve specifically they didn’t do, trying to bend the rules. This is your last ban and your last chance. Authorization Caecilius.”

**Appeal Reason:**I want to remove or at least edit the note of this ban,because now admins will(and one named cerebrallozy did)use it as proof I’m a liar and I’m not one at all

**Additional Information:**The question is why did the banning admins put lying in the ban reason in the first place:if they think that giving wrong information an hour after actual events is an undisputable and :100:% valid proof of lying,Ruko disagrees with them at least(and some other people that do find an hour a span long enough to forget shit).Its might be worth a note or a hidden note for other admins but they added lying in the 21 day ban reason in the first fucking half of it and now people think I am a liar,even though the actual reason was more rulebending than lying.So what I ask for:edit or change the ban reason,so that admins don’t think I’m a liar of that kind that deserves 21 day bans for it

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Can you elaborate on what you said, what the admin thought you lied about, and what actually happened?

The only thing I disagreed with was him jumping forward on giving you your final warning right then and there instead of handing a ban for the issue at the time and bringing up your constant problem behavior separately.

I would not have let the ban sit for full duration if I disagreed entirely. I’ve already been over this with you one on one. This note is staying, and you are someone that twists them truth as well as things you’ve been told. This appeal alone is proof of that by claiming I disagree with the ban