CGI_Gaychild banned by H42

Admin’s CKEY:
Ban Type:
Server ban
Ban Length:
Ban Date (2023/08/29/):
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
Be excellent to each other. Inappropriate name and IC behavior. Disconnected before I could bwoink. Please appeal on the forums!
Appeal Reason:
The post here seems to indicate that a big chunk of the ban reasoning was that I blew things up for no reason. Most of this chaos was actually caused by my blood brother, who was a chemist and distributed the bombs to me and detonated most of them

Regarding my name, yeah, the “Poopy” gimmick was stupid. Also, my Ckey name is not supposed to be anything weird, I am a gay man and have known I was gay since I was a child.

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Sorry, didnt see that this was a bwoink disconnect ban

Hey there, thanks for appealing!

I sent you to the forums since you disconnected before I could talk to you in round, where your IC name and actions were well below our RP standards here. I’ll go ahead and lift the ban now, but I strongly encourage you to take a re-read of the rules here, specifically all of rule 1 and rule 7.1.

I also want to be clear, this ban was specifically for the actions you had done in round 45602. If you want to appeal the ban created from the linked report, you will have to create a separate appeal.

Have a good rest of your day!