Can we have more different gamemodes, than Traitors?

Hello everyone,

In the recent rounds I’ve noticed, the decrease in variety of antagonists, which require high number of players to be counted in a roll. By this I specifically mean antagonist such as (Nukies, Cult, Revs).
That’s why I’ll propose some changes to increase the variety of antagonists, with some thoughts on why should we do it.

First of all recognizing the cause…

As I’ve played some rounds and read some comments regarding this topic, I’ve came up to a conclusion, that the changes came from the update to Dynamic mode, which most commonly right now rolls (Traitors, followed by midround antagonists, such as Blob, Xenomorphs, Pirates).

Another reason, that lessens the variety is that it is rare to get 25 or more people to ready up in the lobbies besides the evenings and even then… During the early hours the only antagonists that appear are lone traitors. So when you hop on a high pop hour and again get or roll a lone traitor, it just gets annoying.

Why specifically these antagonists (Nukies, Cult Blood/Clock, Revs)?

From my experiences, with these antagonists from both sides, I feel it causes more players to interact with the main round story. For instance there are departments, which might be forgotten or abandoned during traitors, which sometimes starts to feel like a typical greenshift for the players working there. But during the mentioned events the whole station is always on their feet.
In short, they provide different type of game mode.

Some Ideas, which could solve this…

One way to approach this could be to decrease the chance of common antagonists and increasing the ones that are more rare during high pop hours. I think this would definitely add more variety to the rounds. And As It would be similar to the previous version.

Or just Bring back the old way of rolling, since it provided with more choices.

What Do I expect?

Hopefully to see these antagonists appear more frequently.

Hope this causes a spark in this community
so please feel free to share your ideas!

Yours sincerely,

FriendlyIsisMember / Joanna Ahmed


Revs were removed afaik, but i totally agree with the sentiment. You see a lot of people at shiftstart latejoining for reasons either to not be targeted by antags or getting the job they want.


You’re in luck, because dynamic is already being reworked as we speak.


yea its really lame. I’ve seen numbers like 26/56 of ready/connected. People complain about not getting any antagonists like blood cult and nuke ops anymore, and they don’t ready up.


You see a lot of people at shiftstart latejoining for reasons either to not be targeted by antags or getting the job they want.

Whenever this is brought up on discord I always say that if you are connected during round setup and don’t ready up, you shouldn’t be allowed to join for 5-10 minutes after the round starts.

It would 99% likely solve the problem since the type of people who game the system to not be a target for an antag are the same people who would not tolerate the fact that they would miss out on aux tools and maint loot rushes.


In a perfect dynamic system we wouldn’t have this problem of the same antags rolling up to the party. But the sudden implementation of perma dynamic combined with the holidays made it so that for quite a while it wasn’t being improved.

I do think it’s important people do know it’s being worked on: Dynamic 2023 by itsmeow · Pull Request #8340 · BeeStation/BeeStation-Hornet · GitHub even if it isn’t super obvious.

With that out of the way:

I just wanna observe a lot of the time D:


The issue isnt with the observers, as those dont take part in the round like, at all. Its with the latejoiners. If those ppl readied up instead, cults or nukies could have rolled. Not to mention that even if nukies roll, war is out of the picture because of the crew size…


non-readied up players should be accounted for in dynamic. maybe make them count for half as many readied up players? so if there’s 20/30 ready/unready, it’ll count as 35 ready.


@itsmeowdev ^idea for your ‘dynamic expansion’ PR


As a latejoiner myself, I only latejoin when we either have no attempts to get the funny 30 or when we are way past the 30 and my ready clearly isn’t needed. But most of the time I ready up and try to roll assistant anyways lol.

Yep this has been brought up a few times, forgot about in Dynamic 2023 :pensive: