Can i get unbanned

**Discord ID:**BigDestyn#6865

**Admin Discord ID:**zeskorion

**Ban Type:**p

**Ban Length:**neverending

Ban Date (12/15/2019):

**Ban Reason:**dont know

**Appeal Reason:**randomly banned had to ask ss13 mod ingame who banned me. dont know why i got banned

**Additional Information:**was traitor in round

Enter your CKey in the search box and you can find the reason there.

what search box i entered but it just gave fourm results

admin id is zesko#1763

You must enter the ID of YOUR account.

If you’re still struggling, just write it here and I’ll do it for you.

i did fucking enter my discord id

Your BYOND id.

Anyways, I found your ban record.

you were OOC banned for ick ocking out the ass when you got robusted. I saw you in the ooc channel so i popped on to pop the ban off, and banned you from the discord for this shit as well. Definitely not lifting the discord ban

Hang on a titch, all this bitching, whining, and @adminhelp-ing in discord was because of an OOC BAN?
Those don’t even effect gameplay!