CalictuS banned by RukoFamicom

CKEY: CalictuS

Admin’s CKEY: RukoFamicom

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both

Which server did the ban happen on? Beestation Golden

Ban Type: Ignored an Admin PM

Ban Length: Permanent

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 12/25/2020

Round ID: 25395

Ban Reason: Ignored an admin PM telling them they had to give medical care to someone they had just over-escalated against as CMO. Ban is being increased to permanent after further investigation of prior incident involving plasma flooding that was only given a 12-hour ban. Appeal on the forums to be unbanned…

Appeal Reason: So. Perhaps I’ll start my novel.
I spent 2 weeks in ban and thought a bit about what happened in that incident. I tried to remember the smallest details.
To begin with, I will explain how everything happened and what happened in general.
Each round I make myself a special substance in chemistry for self-defense or for intruders. After about 30 minutes, I noticed that some dude was rummaging through my things in my office. And he tried to hide after he was discovered. I will add the fact that he was not an antagonist. Of course, I began to pursue him in the consequences of which he was caught in maintenance. There was a fight and I used my weapon. In the aftermath, he was killed. Then I carried his body to the medbay and left it in the hall. Immediately after that, I began to treat the captain. Then I wrote a letter to the administrations asking: “Hello, I killed a man who sneaked into my office and tried to steal my things instead of just asking me. Should I revive him?” To which I received the answer that yes, he may have made his way into my office and he is a complete asshole, but in the end I have to revive him. I did not rush to do this because I was working with the captain and I noticed that 2 of my other workers were working on his corpse. Yes, maybe my fault is that I should have revived him, and not someone else. Maybe I’m wrong about killing him. Or the fact that every round I carry with me a deadly chemical weapon for self-defense. Yes. the head of personal gave him full access to the station. But this does not absolve him of responsibility for breaking the rules. He got into private property. Perhaps if he asked me to give him something like normal people do, then this would not have happened. Or if he hadn’t started running away and explained the situation.
So why should I be unbanned? In my opinion, I am completely right in my actions, but I am wrong that I disobeyed the administrator’s request, or simply ignored it. I deliberately did not write an appeal for 2 weeks because I wanted to withdraw into myself, take a break from the game, rethink my own and his actions. who was right and who was wrong. I hope for your understanding. <3
(Sorry for grammatical mistakes, im from Russia)

Additional Information:

I think it all depends on how long you waited to heal him and if more important things showed up in the meantime. Breaking in to one place even if you have access is not a killable offense, only if they escalate by attacking you if you attempt to shove them out.

Outright trying to kill someone for breaking in and the chasing them into maint and using an instakill chem spray is both dickish and against the rules, and absolutely your job to revive them, but if you had to save the cap or help stop/cure a pandemic then delays are excusable, but righting your wrong and getting people back into the round should be fairly high on your priorities, certainly above refilling your death mix. If you expect or run into delays you might want to ping the admins to give them a heads up.

as a heads up to you this tends to indicate leniency once they get your side of the story.

you need to at least say “got it” or something

this is kinda funky, and needs to be checked out. How did you know they weren’t antag? The only way to know for sure (besides shit like armblades) is to use the observe command while you are dead. HoP on LRP can still be BB iirc.

No. You don’t just kill someone with a death mix for breaking in. You can crit them at most to figure out what they’re doing, but you absolutely need to heal them up, and even then, that’s really only for people who break into head offices. If you actually kill someone you need to do everything you can to bring them back. People who hyper escalate to instantly killing with a superweapon only they know about are terrible, and the reason why nobody wants to play on lrp. Along with the “banned for plasflooding” thing 2 weeks may or may not be ruled enough of a ban.

nah, you did better than most native speakers here tbh

edit: @Ruko

(Sorry for grammatical mistakes, im from Russia)

I would never have guessed you weren’t a native speaker; you have nothing to worry about here.

Onto the justifying the ban: You may not kill someone for simply breaking in (unless it is in a high security area) and running away - this is severe over-escalation especially when you pursue the player well beyond the area you wanted them removed from and they never fought back.

Afterwards, I took your actions to mean that you were simply not going to revive the player at all - you didn’t take the steps yourself or oversee that it was done appropriately and their body was simply left there in the end.

Good news though: Head of staff offices will be considered high security areas on Golden in the near future, so killing someone for breaking into your personal office will be acceptable.

Maggot is correct here. This ban was to force a discussion because you went from helping plasma flood as a non-antagonist into severe over-escalation. You had enough hours for it to be easy to see you aren’t just a griefing account, but it’s still a very questionable behavior combination.

Leaving this open until I get home, but I’ll lift this by then if there’s no strong objection.

what about looking into the hop giving out AA to someone at random

It’s not related to the ban appeal and was handled in the round. I don’t remember what the outcome was or whether or not they actually got it from the HoP, but I do remember already handling that.

cool, good to know