Calictus banned by Francinum

CKEY: CalictuS

Admin’s CKEY: Francinum

Ban Type: Game ban

Ban Length: Permanent

Ban Date: 2021/09/11

Round ID: 32634

Ban Reason: LRP, as detective acquired all access, spread it to the crew, and collected two department budget cards, as well as the warden’s combat shotgun. As a detective. On green…

Appeal Reason: Lord, how tired I am of getting bans from such illiterate admins. There are admins who banned me for the cause, for real mistakes. But this, huh, this is too much.
Judging by how many complaints from players about this admin, I’m not surprised why. But okay, to the point.
I was banned for taking a compact shotgun, two budget cards, and a med doors remote AND “SHARING ALL ACCESS TO EVERYONE”. He didn’t even try to deal with who gave out AA. Of course, the mere mention of “The whole station has AA” immediately suggests that it was me who gave it out. Genius. Okay, I may be wrong about taking the budget cards of my department and someone else’s. Maybe the detective does not have much authority in the security department, but I was the only person who was at that time in this department, which means the only one who kept order and peace at the station. As for me, taking the Warden’s shotgun and budget card from Hos and Cmo would not have hurt them in any way during their absence. Of course, if someone from the Heads of departments or Warden came to the server, I would give them everything back.
With great powers, big problems come. I freaked out when I saw how many complaints were received against this admin not only from this server. And I’m shocked that he hasn’t been removed from his post yet. Other admins, for example the same bloons3, do an excellent job with their work, yes, he may be strict, but he bans for real mistakes.
During my 400+ hours of playing on different servers, I have seen worse things, but the fact that I took things, while not even using them, and did not interfere with anyone with these things - I get banned. Before getting PM I saw a CC member walking around with some kind of cyberpunk saw, swat armor and energy shield around him and asking people if they wanted to tear and die in agony. I’m even beginning to suspect who it was. Also, I suggested to him that I put all things in their places, 2 times. “Just tell me if you want me to put these things in their places and I’ll do it.” But I was ignored. I would give more arguments in my defense, but I’m already tired of writing this poem. I will definitely write one more complaint to the piggy bank of this admin, if, of course, I am not too lazy.

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Yikes, don’t start a ban appeal with insulting the hell out of an admin, you could maybe say if you had any witnesses that could back you up?

Also don’t go on pointless rants about “i got banned about this, so why didnt this guy get banned” that doesnt defend you anyhow.


Excuse me as I elevate this to the headmins considering half of this appeal is a blatant personal attack and not an actual appeal.

Locked pending headmin ruling on basic compliance

This is the most beautiful appeal. It’s the bestest. It makes the best points in all the best ways. It’s going to be a HUGE change for Beestation.

I’m involved, but just alone for the ad-hominum against the banning admin, deny this.

my side of the story
So, I’m playing paramedic. I notice detective coming out of CMO’s office after grabbing the remote and the card. I PDA them and request they come back and close, then lock the CMO’s locker as I hadn’t imbibed in the All Access that was freely available in the bolted open HOP’s office. To this I receive a response that can be summed up pretty much as “Fuck off, nobody cares.” I elect not to push harder on this because it’s obvious that this is just that type of player.

So, I showed that to the MD that was in medical with me at the time and we pretty much came to the same conclusion: This guy’s an asshole and poor excuse for security. If he dies, we’re not helping him. Friends get first response, assholes get slabbed sort of deal.

So, round progresses on and I notice Detective walk in, get a handheld crew monitor and walk out without even asking. Note, that is about 50% of our map-standard handheld crew monitors in medical on pubby as far as I’m aware. So at this point I’ve got AA and I go in to the CMO’s office to get the door remote to bolt down stuff so the detective can’t just meander in and steal aimlessly from us any more.

Low and behold, remote missing. It was at about this point I ahelped and requested another admin to come in and take care of business.

At no point did I actually see the detective engaged in anything that could even remotely resemble what one might call “police work” and elected to take a look around to see what our effective acting HOS hadn’t done as well. Among other things that had not been rectified that I corrected IC as a paramedic:

  • Securing the captain’s spare
  • Closing the HOP office door
  • Seeing to the teleporter room window being repaired
  • securing the nuke disk and giving the pinpointer to my MD friend who at this point I trusted a hell of a lot more than the detective, even though it turned out they were a traitor.

My own personal rip and tear: This is an RP server, if you’re not willing to RP or take responsibility for behaving appropriately for your job then get out. You were, in essense, the defacto (meaning no other option) ACTING HEAD OF SECURITY. Your blood pressure should have been so high by the time you were banned that you’d be leaving streaks along the ground as it sprayed out of both your ears. I didn’t get to finish uploading all your crimes into security records but let me run them down here.

109 - Trespass: Access does not imply permission. Medbay is not your department to freely meander into as a detective.
207 - Workplace Hazard: Leaving the CMO’s locker open and unlocked.
208 - Petty Theft: This is where I put the hand teleporter.
308 - Theft: Three counts really, the Warden’s shotgun, the Medical Door Remote, and the Medical fucking Budget
309 - Major Trespass: CMO’s office is counted as a secure area.
311 - Dereliction of Duty: Yeah, this should speak for itself seeing the above commentary, but disregarding 98% of the obvious threats or issues that were wrong on the station counts. You’re an investigator, investigate.

Note: You could also charge the Medical budget under 408 - Grand Theft, based on the principal that it would deprive medical of funding if they needed to order anything like, oh, more first aid kits, or other sundry nonsense to do that silly thing of keeping people alive.

Alright, rant over.

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Closing this under rule 7.5. Once you learn how to make a respectful appeal we can consider trying again; before then, I’m not even willing to give you the time of day.