Cake's mentor app

Your CKEY: Freestiff

Your Discord: .truncatedcake0161

How long have you been playing ss13? around 2019-2020 ish to today

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)? juke, SomalianPirate

Game Experience (More Detailed):
varied, played on many servers, most of them in fact
rolewise, I know a decent bit about science, enough to be confident in playing RD - I main robo, but often play other roles. sciencewise I know surgery, robotics, nanites, general science, exploration give or take, and some xenobio, but am less familiar with genetics and toxins
in terms of other departments I’m less familiar, but medical probably comes in close second, surgery is overlap, virology to some extent, limited chemistry, and general medicine.
cargo or security are probably my next most familiar, and I know the basics, although I’m pretty sure I have mining down mostly- only somewhat experienced with lavaland though. security- I *think I can play officer decently. I’m not familiar enough to play any other roles, I occasionally play cargotech.
I’m least familiar with service, I’m not robust enough to play clown or mime, and bartender needs good chemistry. cook hasn’t appealed to me in a long time, and the others I’m just unfamiliar with. janitor is relatively easy though- in terms of ss13, I’m somewhat unfamiliar with the antags, they’re harder to get ahold of. I’ve played heretic, and… nightmare once.

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Can you share your playing time as an image?

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can’t upload pictures apparently or links

This needs to follow formatting policy. Do not delete the questions. It should be like so:

it’s past the editing deadline I believe- my bad

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Alright this might be the first time i do mentor questions, so hopefully you will like these questions:

  1. How do i build a gygax?

  2. How do i get Earthsblood?

  3. How do i make a knife roomba?

Take your time in answering them!

As of the time of writing this you only have a total of 115 hours on Bee; Mentors are generally expected to have somewhere around 300 hours prior to applying. This is to help ensure that the applicant is knowledgeable of game mechanics, has a decent level of familiarity with the community, and that they can play for long periods of time without accumulating too many notes or bans - all of which are important qualities for a Mentor.

As such I will be denying this application for the time being. You’re welcome to apply again in the future once you’ve spent some more time on our server.

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