Caecilius Player Feedback

Edit: This is massively out of date. I’m now a clown main. Tooty, I Will Eat Your Insulated Gloves, Bee and Lisspy are all me.

In which you tell me how unrobust I am. I play Cindy Kate the unoriginal pun name, and I mostly play science, specifically xenobiology. I’m also a slimeperson a lot of the time.

Oh that’s you?

I do hate every slimrshits as they fill the entire escape shuttle with their clones. I hate them even more when they eat all of the plasma.

Other than those 2 situations I have barley seen you so I must say. Please fucking stop it’s just irritating when the entire escape shuttle is filled with 1 slime shits 40 bodies.

I’ve done that twice ever.
Meanwhile, there are several far more annoying things people do on the escape shuttle, such as:
Lube grenades and sprays
Botanists with their mutation toxin wheat thrown everywhere, blue space bananas and other crap
Virologists with their melanin viruses (becuase everybody knows that a joke gets funnier the more you repeat it in quick succession)
Captain buying Oh Hi Daniel etc.
Random early launching

You get the point.

ok but the times you and other slime shits have done it i have had the misfortune of being on the shuttle at the same time and you was the first i have seen do it so it kinda made an impression

You are a cool player. Big respect to you fellow chad xenobiologist

Kinda unrobust sitting in xenobio for 30 mins not a poo pee type of guy though and actually decent at the game

Wow this is out of date lol