Bunch of Not Well Thought Out Ideas

AI Event:

AI/borgs demanding equal rights. can start small, like an Ion Law “Ignore anyone that does not use your name to talk to you” ending with e Freeform law with variances based on how the crew and AI interacted over the previous events.

Semi- Antag Roll: Space Madness!!

This is like a more extreme version of crew goals. General ones like “Redecorate your department” to job specific like “Make sure there are at least 5 replacement organs in crew by the end of shift” or “Make sure there are more bots than crew at end of shift”

Cooking: Chocolate/Weed brownie.

1 pastry dough 1 chocolate 1 butter (+1 weed).
Makes a large brownie. can be made with any weed plant to give the weeds effects to the brownie.


I really like this idea. Goonstation has something called “miscreants” and being one of those has been some of the most fun rounds in SS13 I ever had. You get a single (mostly RP) ‘objective’ at the start of the round which you may follow or ignore. Their discription: Giving bribes, starting strikes, and paint the whole station pink, with the general aim of being a creative nuisance. […] The idea is to be a creative hoodlum. When you get one, go forth and be a jerk, but you still have to follow the rules.

It is really fun being allowed to go out of your normal RP, without also having to kill anybody or getting killed/permed if you get caught being an antag. No uplink or special powers at all.


I have played a bit with the goon miscreants. I think it’s an awesome thing to have, as currently your side objectives are a bit flat. And these all encourage RP and side shenanigans.

Edit: and like side objectives. If someone has something they want to do they can ignore them. But it may help with players who run out of ideas what to do or get bored easily.

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I’ve been a Miscreant once, with the objective to not do my job and instead collecting items into a maintenance room, one of the funniest rounds I’ve had

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While we are telling stories,

I remember once having an objective along the lines of “Security is corrupt and working with the syndicate. Become a investigator and find out who is really pulling the strings behind the curtain”.
So I went to the captain and warned him about somebody planing an attempt on his life. Coincidentaly a moment after I told him we got bombed by whoever, which made me the prime suspect. After a lot of torture I could convince the captain that I would find out who was really behind all this (I had no idea) and I became his close confidant. The cap had become quite paranoid after a few other unrelated bombs went of (which of course I told him were supposed to kill him) and we had a good laugh post round when I told him after the round that I made it all up.

So yeah, just one line of text can make for some great RP scenarios. And like Daridine said, there can always be the option to just ignore them if you don’t like it or have other plans.
Personaly I opted out of most antag roles, since I do not enjoy their objectives very much. I would however always keep the miscreant option active for the amusing situations that could arise.