Brotherjeff mentor application 2

Your CKEY: brother_jeff

Your Discord: buttshit398

How long have you been playing ss13?: 2373 hours ever since august 23rd 2019 + i’ve been active again starting near august-june

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: people who see me do stuff

Game Experience (More Detailed): everything


Very knowledgeable player, you are more than fit to be a mentor. Don’t need to ask questions, have a +1. But just for fun:
1: How can I make hypernob?
2: How do I link a teleporter?
3: How do I defuse a bomb answer fast

  1. heat up about a 67:33 mix of nitrogen and tritium together to about 5 × 10^6 K, so you’ll have to get fusion up and running and use the heat from fusion in order to make the gas. Also you’ll need to cool the hypernob down if you want to actually transport it around for stuff.
  2. open up the panel (screwdriver) on the uhhh teleporter station and use wirecutters on it to link it with the machines nearby it
  3. iof if you’re in A RUSH A RUSH then MULTITOOL the wires on the bomb until you find wire that says ‘the bomb seems to hesitate for a moment’, cut it and you’re golden (though i’m pretty sure it’s a 50/50 you blow up since pulsing the boom wire gives the same tell)
    if you do have time pulse the wire that unbolts the bomb then run to the nearest airlock/mass driver
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Then I will aim for your weak spot


  1. What objectives do explorers get that spawn hostile mobs on the explorer’s ruin objective?

  2. What roundstart gear do explorers have on them that cannot be replaced from vendors or HOP? (Roundabout, but knowing this would have saved me time in a mhelp)

  3. “So my team and I went to our explorer objective, but we later left and now we cant find it on the map. What do I do?”

For three, you can guarantee a defusal. The timer will give you a bit more time when you pulse the correct hesitate wire for the first time.

(If ya wanna go speedy just snip snip snip until it unbolts or defuses)

  1. if u mean directly on it, then black box, nuclear decommission, and artifact recovery iirc
  2. the research disc locator, iirc iirc
  3. Deploy your bluespace beacon in the future if you wanna make a place not despawn, otherwise if you leave it’ll just yeah despawn

All of them have hostiles on them, you goof.

The shirt and headset

The correct answer is referring this individual to an ahelp. Objectives despawning locks explorers out of doing anything.

Do more exploring.


Lots of hours, no doubt you know a lot of stuff in game, so here’s a few curve balls. Pretend the following are real mhelps and you’re just observing the round as the only mentor:

  1. How do I quickly pick things up
  2. I just arrested a heretic with an ashen blade on them, how long should I put them in a cell for?
  3. I saw like 4 buildings while exploring Lavaland once but have no idea what’s up with them, where can I find more info about them? I can’t find it on the wiki.
  4. hey, I took a maints pill and got a bunch of units of pressurised slime, what’s that?
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  1. If it’s a bunch of junk on the ground you need picked up you can just spam click and shift+b to quickly stuff it into your bag.

  2. Heretic blades would count as Inherently dangerous equipment, so 15 minutes if they didn’t resist arrest or something like that.

  3. In a private server, if you run the command “Map-template—Place” you’ll be able to spawn and mess around with the ruins. (ACTUALLY i remember there being a wiki page covering all the ruins including space ones but it looks like it got atomized)

  4. It’s one of the chemicals that the blob produces, it’ll do 15 Brute Damage, 10 Oxygen Damage, and 25 Stamina Damage once applied (through that floor pill you ate) but not do anything else when it’s in your system from what I checked.

i am a fool… forgive me…

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Yeah these are all fine, +1 granted.

T: 1.5

These answers are all pretty good but I gotta say:

Your answer was right, but I was hoping you would say something along the following:

While space law is a bit of a grey area whether it’s part of the rules, I think it is, because of rule 1.3, so it’s always a nice idea to read the non-admin staff conduct, and when in doubt you should usually transfer it to an ahelp (maybe after posting just the link to the space law page without your interpretation if you’re feeling charitable but don’t tell the admin).

Great answers so far, a lot of hours, an ex-staff member, I’ll just give you my +1 for a T: 2.5.

Unfortunately I’m going to be denying this for the time being. Mentors cannot be banned on any of our platforms, which includes being muted in the discord, and you’ve been muted as of October 3rd. Additionally you were briefly muted not too long before this.