Bro imagine you die and

bro imagine you die and all you leave behind is a mansion full of skulls, strange symbols underneath your corpse (the wood was scortched), so many scorpions in your lungs, the statues of your missing children cried what was later found to be your blood, a message etched into your spine that said “When he died, an endless age of untold nightmares would be nigh and the blood would make the seas run red”, a nearby shed caught fire and after the charred wood was cleared they found a painting of a clown that you painted as a child but on the back was exactly when you died.


Go outside.


i refuse to listen to your lies and slander


bro imagine if you die and you blink and you look over at a smaller version of your dad like normal him, but like 4’4 and really obese and he’s like “ayy son u gonna pass me that booferino or what” an he guffaws and holds out a 9 fingered hand, you look at your hand! 9 fingers as well, on each!! But wait, this is right, I remember now. Damn this spaceuana hits like a truck lmao i thought i was a dude who worked at mcdonalds had like a whole dream about it “shh son, south park is on and i gotta hear that cratman” you wonder to yourself if that WAS his name. Yeah that was always it. I’m certain.

you are the headmin on an ss13 server i don’t think you get to tell people that


But I do go outside


Prove it
20 characters

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i find that hard to believe


Toad tadpoles
Random Moth 1 & 2
Hornet 1 and 2 (technically taken indoors)

Crawfish image came out kinda blurry unfortunately, but I’d already released it.

sounds like random images found on the internet

How stupid do you think we are to belive this kind of lie?

please don’t post my activity in admin channels

You absolute mad lad why did you bring the stinging ones inside

Ruko doesn’t go outside enough to know the difference


Imagine you die, and afterlife is just amogus R34.

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