Brick Lowe Player Report 2

In-game report:

   Title: Brick Lowe Player Report
   CKEY: Cheesepizza2

   Your Discord: Cheesepizza2#8453

   Offender’s CKEY: IDK

   LRP or MRP server: LRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name: Brick Lowe

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY): February 21st, 2021

   Round Number: 27265 + 27269

   Rules Broken: Metagaming, Metagrudging

Incident Description: On round 27265, I found an AA on the ground as soon as I arrived. I was gonna use it to get myself a Bluespace RPED (I was botanist, I was gonna upgrade my disk analyzer and stuff, then give it back). Brick Lowe was RD and immediately cablecuffed me and took my actual ID and PDA (didn’t take the aa lol). He then dragged me out. I got out of my cablecuffs, renamed my ID card to Botanist, and took a laser gun off the floor (for self defense). Again, I tried to get into the protolathe, and he came and immediately started shooting at me. I pulled out my laser gun for self defense and fired a laser gun towards him to warn him off. He stunned me, stripped me, took my PDA (so I would just not have an ID to do my job) and probably was gonna brig it. At this point, basically everyone agreed he was shitsec, they congregated around him and beat him to death. I got my pda back, round stuff happened, round ended. Now we move onto 27269. I was roboticist, Brick Lowe spawned as assistant and, along with his friend (Sebastian Alvarez, probably metacommunicating), ambushed me at the HoP line as I tried to get more science access from the HOP. They shoved me onto the ground, I tried to fight back, they shoved me into HoP window and kept punching me. HoP flashed em, dragged me out, and gave me the changes I asked for. He opened the door for me, and I tried to go back to Robotics. Anyways, about 1/4 of the way there, Brick Lowe started trying to beat me up, and Sebastian flashed me. They killed me, Brick Lowe stripped me and threw me out the airlock. All this happened before 20 minutes had passed.

Additional Information: Brick Lowe also acted like a general asshole. After 27265 he said he wished he killed me the first time I tried to get a BRPED. I stopped paying attention to 27269 after he killed me (mainly to write this - the round still isn’t over).


Error 404. Formatting not found. Holy fuck

Dude just ASK for an RPED and some parts. Noone has to die for tier 3.

fair but usually there’s no one around, and it’s kinda usual to see people get in without asking someone. hell, in many rounds people deconstruct a table or bolt open a door just so people can come in get the required materials for their job.

also, sorry about formatting, first post

@Beanos_did_nothing_w holy shit

are you sure they weren’t blood brothers??

Preferably you wait before reporting on on-going rounds
Also, have you thought they maybe they antag this round? :flushed:

oh, i didn’t think about that.


You should check moodlets before reporting a player to determine if they are an antag.

Fixed the round IDs to what they actually were: 27265 and 27269.

In round 27265, this player was not an antagonist

So far this is expected behavior from a head of staff. You intrude on another department at your own risk and having AA is not the same as having permission to be there. You were non-lethally removed and warned that you didn’t belong there. While the RD is fully within their authority and ability to strip your access to RD, it’s not required of them.

So you broke in again and decided it was a good idea to fire lethal rounds at a head of staff who had already made it very clear you weren’t welcome in their department. What the fuck do you expect is going to happen. He crit you, got you medical care and then had you arrested all the while you’re calling him a traitor for self-defense and defending his department from intrusion.

So you convinced everyone else to lynch a head of staff for doing their job. Congratulations.

As for the second round in question:


Report rejected

@Cheesepizza2 consider yourself warned for self-antag behavior. Do not post about ongoing rounds until they finish.