Botany idea: grafting

Add grafting to botany that you can do with any sharp object on a seed or plant which then turns it into a combined seed.

It allows you to combine plants in a way that has one dominant plant and one recessive one. One plant can produce both tomatoes and tomato’s or nettles and tea leaves with the resulting graft containing the dominant’s plant trait’s with a 50% chance of either seed being dominant, but showing which before you plant it to prevent frustration and time wasting.

This is handy because botany often produces far more than they need, but can lack space for other stuff that would be nice such as bamboo or tea.
Furthermore it will also make Ashwalker botany far less frustrating if I could get perennial from nettles combined with the compost plant because FUCK having to constantly replant 27 plants every 7 minutes while also having to fertilise each of them, I’d feel for the majority of player reason #1 would be most relevant, though.

EDIT: Please let me be clear that this is NOT a rework, just an addition to the botany we already have.

What are your thoughts on this?

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Oranges? Is that you?

In case you arent jokeing, thats basicaly what the tg botany rework was.

I’ve heard of it, but I had the idea of grafting before I knew of it ages ago.
Please let me be clear that this is NOT a rework, just an addition to the botany we already have.

B-b-b-bump… ;-;

tg botany rework

disgusting. call it what it is. a big fat nerf that only happened because botanists are shitters, while the department isn’t even that powerful all things considered.

graft idea

not bad, but…

reasoning: not enough space, easier ashwalker botany.

I don’t see this helping ashies one bit. If you lack space, you can also simply create more trays or dig more.

As someone who used to main botany, what you’re looking for is making trays non-solid. Or whatever the fuck its called. Let people walk through them.

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Believe me, if you combine a fertilizer with nettles for perennial growth, it will make it will save so much time. Having to fertilize each tray 2-3 times on top of having to replant every single plant is tedious as fuck. IMO they already should have perennial growth since the wild variants clearly already do.

And I didn’t mean not enough walking space, I meant not enough space for plots if you want to have a large selection of plants.