Bobby Admin Note by Not_A_Shark

Admin’s CKEY:
Ban Type:
Not a Ban just an Admin Message
Ban Length:
Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):>
Not here either
Round ID:
Message Reason:
Injecting Bubblegum with healing nanites which then promptly flattened Mining Station
Appeal Reason:
Not my fault
Additional Information:
So as the note said, Bubblegum ended up with healing nanites. The issue was the nanites that I, a Miner had I believe was going around injecting fellow crewmates who got close with them, which if I was just a guy on the station isn’t so bad, means everyone gets healing nanites.

However in this case I was a miner who was trying to fight Bubblegum with my fellow miner Wisdom. Bubblegum was 20 meters from the Mining Station at the time there and we had prepared properly. However we both died in our attempt and it seems Bubblegum got my nanites through no knowledge of my own.

I believe it was only discovered after round end. And it would be my name in which I “injected” Bubblegum. This was not an intentional play and was quite counter to my own intentions as I ended up dying to it.

Its not that big a deal but I am an innocent man and don’t want to be seen as a shitter for making Bubblegum an unkillable mess who wiped all the other miners.

Morale of story don’t pick up nanites you don’t know as a miner.


Your note should have a round ID somewhere when you press ‘View Admin Remarks’ while on Bee. I’m pretty sure the staff will need it.

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It’s a message, not a note, bit different.
Round ID is 42332 though.


To add, nanites work on dead bodies… not sure why the blame is placed on the miner here instead of the person who made the nanites, it’s not good practice to put nanite sting on your nanites when you are a non antag as this can lead to giga chad nanite xenos wrecking the entire crew.

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Hey I’m the one who ahelped it.
Thank you so much for giving an explanation, this makes so much fucking sense now lol.
But yeah, this does mean you aren’t responsible for what happened since it automatically pricked people.


thats a message. Its not a note.
Miners sometimes buff their megafauna for harder fights, so the action is understandable.
If you read the message, then its fine.
No Administrative action had been taken


Yeah its not a massive problem, I just didn’t want people to think it was intentional just for futures sake, the less admin messages I have the better I suppose,

I am nowhere near good enough for making my life harder.

I’m fine for it to stay I just wanted to make sure it was known.

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All good, Ill remove the message anyway, as it was unintentional then.
thanskfor the apeal