Bluezorua mentor² application

**Your CKEY:**Bluezorua

**Your Discord:**toasterban#9102

How long have you been playing ss13?: last app i had around 800 hours, now i have around 1600, making me twice as powerful

**Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?:**god, my catboy harem and like a lizard

**Game Experience (More Detailed):**I know just as much as before but now I know how to set up a basic n² SM

why do I want to become mentor²? for more power, i wish to become the strongest mentor of them all



-5000000000000000 haram

-1 because literally who?

+1 sigma

Still posts the weenies after continous months and while fully aware of how painfully unfunny has become

Like this if you are making confession thread pt3


by killing all the other mentors in hand to hand combat you can absorb their power and become the strongest of them all


Here’s my fresh mhelps:

What is the fastest way to cool a room affected by pyro anomaly?
How do you force a shuttle call without input from other players or comms console access?
How do you get X-ray Vision implant?
How do you make hellfoam?
Why is the IPC taking burn damage while being dead and how can I fix that?

+1 cat player or something

vent and refill

bash every comms consle and kill the ai

med lathe or expauit fab after some research is done

you put a lot of hurt juice in a metal can with beakers

probally overheated, put it under a wrenched shower for some water cooling

Not really ever since slowmos was re-added. unironcly firefighters backpack is not bad anymore

  1. the backpack firefighter is still trash
  2. just panic siphon, wait 5 minutes and refill

For me it seems like Passive vent connected to heat exchangers in space seems like a faster option.

Heck, add heat exchangers to space in waste loop for more added effect.

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