Bluespace tomato grief during round 32705

CKEY: Syrox01

Your Discord: Syrox#2924

Offender’s CKEY: ?

Offender’s In-Game Name: Devin Mitchell & Saul Reighner

Server (Sage or Acacia): Acacia

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 09-15-2021 (GMT+1)

Round Number: 32705

Rules Broken: 8

Incident Description: Using bluespace tomato during shuttle transit and outright feeding them to crew

Devin Mitchell attempts to feed Mark Carls the bluespace tomato.
Devin Mitchell forces Mark Carls to eat the bluespace tomato!
The extradimensional orange has been squashed.

Unwittingly assisted a traitor who was trying to hijack by lubing everything and causing spacing hazards (Unconfirmed due to confusion regarding who brought them)…

…before said traitor was hit themselves (at random it seemed)

Devin Mitchell throws the bluespace tomato.
Kharaa Ignita is hit by the bluespace tomato!
The bluespace tomato has been squashed.

Update… Looking through my say logs… the person I grabbed who was wearing a bee keeper suit was the botanist placing them. I told them to “STOP” after grabbing by the neck, they resisted and hit me with a tomato… so I guess this is a double report now…
Name of: Saul Reighner

Sunburnt starts to tighten his grip on Saul Reighner!
Saul Reighner struggles as they fail to break free of Sunburnt’s grip!
Sunburnt grabs Saul Reighner by the neck!
Sunburnt flutters, “STOP.”
Saul Reighner has broken free of Sunburnt’s grip!
You shove Saul Reighner onto the table!
You shove Saul Reighner!
Saul Reighner throws the bluespace tomato.
You’re hit by the bluespace tomato!

no chat logs of dropping them sadly. (and feel free to edit to make logs drop down… not actually sure how myself…)

Additional Information: No antag status on end screen and no brainwashing tech bought by traitors.