Bluespace Harvester, what the hell is this?

This topic is to try to find out what the hell is this thing, how do you operate with it and what can it provide

People say it can create a portal from which monster and demos can arrive, I tell them they can’t stop capitalism, can you confirm this?

Steps to Complete

  1. To start with, you’ll need to order the circuit board from cargo; the crate costs 150 points and is only unlocked if this is the station objective. It can be ordered multiple times.
  2. Next, create a wire knot with ample access to power and build a machine frame on it. Wire the frame, insert the circuit board, then add 5 bluespace crystals and 5 quadratic capacitors.
  3. Finish the construction, taking into account the machine takes 3 by 3 tiles in a “n” shape, top-centered on the machine frame.
  4. Set a desired mining level in the machine’s UI. Higher levels need more power but generate more points. You need to generate 45000 points with ONE of the harvesters for the goal to count as complete, multiple harvesters do not stack to reach 45000 points.


The Harvester produces points at the cost of energy. These points can be spent on various, random rewards, ranging from a fancy hat to a chance at a guardian creator. Also, a highscore will be announced at roundend that secures you bragging rights for especially high points.


  1. Be mindful of hotwiring the station’s power grid, as this can cause severe damage and injury when APCs spark and overload.
  2. Keep an eye on the harvester or build it in a secure location. It can be emagged, giving it a substantial chance of extradimensional incursions.
  3. There is also a small chance of said incursions should the mining level be very high. A warning will be shown in the UI in that case.
  4. Incursions spawn some portals that in turn spawn hostile mobs. Destroying the portals rewards you with bluespace crystals.
  5. If you cannot reach an emagged Harvester to turn it off due to too many mobs, and if the AI doesn’t have a camera to turn it off remotely, consider cutting off its power source. Even emagged, the Harvester is harmless without power, giving you time to clean up the Incursion.

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