Bluespace artifacts, Bananium Artifacts, Plasma Artifacts, etc

Not sure if someone’s already complained about this. These artifacts need huge nerfs. I can think of several artifacts that are very strong for little to no reason. One of them turns all people in a set radius around the artifact into a corgi. This is easily abusable and can be used to kill people once they’re turned into a corgi. Another one I’ve seen is a full 9x9 or 10x10 radius of complete darkness. I thought you’d be able to counter this with a light, but sometimes lights don’t illuminate the darkness at all. At other times they do, though. Really buggy for some reason. Finally, there’s the time stop artifact. This little object that can fit in your backpack, only taking up one slot, can also stop time in a 6x6 radius completely for everyone in it, and lasts about 30 seconds. And, of course, you’re able to take damage while stopped, for some reason. Recently saw some nukies get absolutely blazed while stopped by one of these things.

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Nothing wrong with abusing and griefing with xenoarch since no actual SOP for it is written
this is a joke, I only want this specific issue to be noticed

xenoarch is still in development and if you have issues with it then you should say it on the git pull request


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