Blazikenowen appearance banned by ruko


Admin’s CKEY:
Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:
Which server did the ban happen on?
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Ban Reason:
Yellow Slimica is also not a name that’s acceptable within our naming guidelines.
Appeal Reason:
Didn’t get notified and wasn’t aware son needed to be in surname (which is a dumb guideline in the first place why son of all things theres no female names with son in the first place) wasn’t notified just banned by oh hey its ruko someone I keep having issues with didn’t even have time to change the name (I would of no issue with it) just a ban

Additional Information:
I had asked before what the guidelines regarding oozeling names were and was told that it just needed colour as its first name which I did was not told it needed son in it I had asked in the discord server

We are not at fault because you chose not to check the rules after already having broken name violations before. This ban is not purely for having a bad name, its for having repeated issues picking an acceptable name and still failing to read the rules you are expected to follow.

It is not our job to read individual rules to you, especially ones you have already violated and been directed to before.

Seems pretty clear cut to me. Fail to read the naming guidelines page continue to get appearance banned. I’d say keep it.

I agree, being notified doesn’t matter when you’ve been warned about this multiple times before.

People in the discord aren’t authorities either, the rules page and IN-GAME ahelps are.

I think would be fine being set to a week or two. This appears to have been placed, yet again, from someone checking logs adjacent to a player report and noticing something, but there’s a history here that warrants more than just a lift with a “follow the guidelines now please.”

I agree you had your warnings before honestly, it should stay because of that.

…But you do raise an interesting point, since I’m pretty sure -son was at some point used by vikings (in Iceland they still use surnames from the parent or whatever like if your dad was steven you were stevenson) but this won’t work for girls, and it would be interesting to see -dotter (dottir?) added as an acceptable surname for slimepeople. Blue Greysdottir has a vaguely pleasing ring to it.

Update: Technically irrelevant but it’s dóttir

It was considered when I created the guidelines, @yorii can attest to that I think, and yes this is the entire premise for the names - they were created by scientists and named after them.

Ended up leaving it out for simplicity.

In any case with two admins supporting keeping the ban as-is, and given your continued, combined protests and violations regarding naming policy, this ban staying indefinitely.