Bilary Player report

In-game report:

   CKEY: Colorando

   Offender’s CKEY: Bilary

   LRP or MRP server: MRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name: Cole Mang

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 3/30/2020

   Round Number: 14025

   Rules Broken: Self-Antaging ,general minge

   Incident Description: Whole round was filled with him doing stupid shit (Stealing secway , scream spamming multiple times while being arrested , running out of sec in handcuffs and just running sec around) He was just doing general stuff that would make him seem like an antag and it got so bad that we brainwashed him to see if he would actually just stop harming crew , but also going as far as to burst into surgery while I was being operated on by cmo and flashing, and then tabling him and then dragging him into atmos department and "pacifying him" by walling him in with an rcd

   Additional Information:


The hos did a 1 hour manhunt after me because i stole his fucking secway, then you and the retarded ass hop decided to brainwash me, luckily the AI teleported me out of there, then you found me again and gave me the brainwash “dont harm crew and obey all their orders” which was incredibley loopholed because i was crew so i was following my own orders, i was pissed off that the last 30 minutes of the round i was knocked out from you trying to do surgery on me, so i grabbed a flash and cuffed you and walled you off with a RCD, thats literally all i did.

Hos here yeah stealing a secway and then riding around the station causing a manhunt really isn’t a crew thing to do considering you were an atmos tech and we had needs for you to run the station. Medium rp usually does not involve you stealing a secway while Im at a bar and running off (Multiple times this has happened and it ends up in the same ending) where we chase you around the station trying to get you off it and adding more time to your sentence. Nobody likes dealing with someone like you on an extended shift because your bored and wanna just run around like a dog without a leash.

ill admit me stealing the secway wasnt good.

but you and security could have just left it at that, a brig sentence, but no the hop and CMO were so despertatley trying to brainwash me, they caused all of this escalation to begin with

Honestly with the way you were handling everything not trying to take your sentence taking every possible route to make securitys job catching you harder over a literal 5 minute sentence I don’t blame anyone for wanting to brainwash you. next time actually do your job and just monitor the stations air instead of “MUH IM BORED” and just running around scream spamming and resisting arrest.

everything that can be said has been said, leaving this to admins to decide.

CMO here
Still you broke rule, bc you caused indirect crew harm.
-HoS died in surgery when you snatched me, because he could’t get heart coronary bypass and died on the table.
-you walled me and left to die due to lack of energy(i am ethereal), if it wasn’t Ai i would have died.

I am not pissed at all, but still you made some mistakes.

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I did not intentionally cause crew harm, i knew none of these things so i cant be blamed for that, also my objective was just not to harm the crew, not to prevent harm from happening.

Not knowing something doesn’t excuse you for breaking law. Never mentioned it had to be directional crew harm.

You were filled with rage/revenge and did not even bother to see what I was doing in surgery room, so HoS died on table and had to be cloned.

Also, so if I space someone locked in locker without suit to prevent harm as borg. Can i make excuse that “i didn’t know that open space can kill somebody?” I think not. Same goes with leaving me without energy source.

My point, is neither me, neither you are saint. I made loophole in law, but you didn’t thought that your actions can have dire consequences - crew harm.

Theres legit no way i could have known you were performing critical surgery on the hos or that etherals need to constantly recharge their energy supply, your examples are shit.

Also like i said, my objective was just not to harm people, not to prevent the causing of harm.

Dragging the doctor away from an heart surgery is not harmful… yeah ok mate . law 2 me must edit honk

read my full response and then edit your comment

No way to know he was performing surgery in the SURGICAL ROOM (Brainfart?) , Just own up to it instead of being an atmos tech you just minged and then got mad when you got shitsec’d

read my full response and then edit your comment.

Seems you don’t want to get 2 things:
-that not only action causes crew harm, but also consequences made by your action.
-not knowing how game mechanic works, doesn’t not excuse you for killing someone.

Anyways, no point argueing, I believe admins will handle this properly.

Brainwashing is not treated like silicon law - you’re expected to obey the spirit of the brainwashing, not lawyer it hard to the letter. We’ve gone after people who immediately out the person that brainwashed them because brainwashing didn’t specifically include instructions not to.

You stole secway - cool, IC and gonna send sec after you. Minor crime worth overlooking by itself.

Brainwashed and trying to lawyer your way out of it very poorly, directly interrupting an operation is definitely causing harm. Whether the brainwashing should have happened in the first place is up for debate still.

Reading your posts here though, you sound like a total shitter who’s trying to claw at reasons to get away with shittery. I can’t definitively take a side until I get to some logs though.

Locking thread and marking it for investigation because I don’t think anything fruitful is left to be posted for now

Report accepted

(Other actions taken are private)