Bigpoopymeme's Player Report

   CKEY: RioGoingBeyond

   Your Discord: AyyRobotics

   Offender’s CKEY: Bigpoopymeme

   LRP or MRP server: MRP 

   Offender’s In-Game Name: Chen Lo

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 2/9/2020

   Round Number: 12341

   Rules Broken: Rule 7 (Antag Conduct)

   Incident Description: I was an IPC Scientist in the Holodeck, testing out some circuitry designs when an Engineer came up and made some idle conversation. After chatting with them for a second, he EMP Screeched and Killed me, to which I found he was a Changeling. After the round was over, I discovered that I wasn't an objective of any of the changelings that round, so he had no reason to kill me. This "*Technically*" didn't count as murderboning, so I won't list that as something he did. This would break rule 7 however, as it says to attempt to "*avoid unnecessary carnage that ultimately just ruins the round for other players.*"

   Additional Information: This was early game, about 10-20ish minutes in, I hadn't witnessed anything that would have influenced him to kill me, and at least to my knowledge, IPCs cannot be absorbed. Even if, he didn't get an objective that would encourage it, as he only had to escape, get the Reactive Teleport Armor, and kill the Clown.

Also, this is my first player report, so if I had gotten anything wrong, I do apologize.

Edit for Clarification: This was early game, so it was unlikely he had enough objectives finished to begin a murder spree. Think he only had one objective complete (Kill the Clown) by the end of the game.

it’s pretty well-known at this point that changelings are absolute bastards that will murderbone every chance they get.

that being said, this seems like a bit of a grey area unless they were murdering people unrelated to their objectives unprovoked throughout the round.

I will check the logs on this at some point today.

They attacked a whole lotta people that round. They only have 5 hours for bee on their account, and no alts, which leads me to believe they came from a different server. A common problem we have is that people believe lings are one of the murderbone antags due to needing to absorb genomes, without knowing they can stealth sting.

I will add a not to their account, alerting admins to when they join so they can be informed that is not the case on Sage. If they repeat the behavior is will lead to a ban. Thank you for the report. I will leave the thread open for a day so that they or anyone else has a chance to respond.