Bigboydoingbigtings banned by prickly_tomato

Title: Bigboydoingbigtings banned by Prickly_tomato

CKEY: Bigboydoingbigtings

Admin’s CKEY: Prickley_tomato

Ban Type: Global

Ban Length: Permanent

Ban Date: 2023-07-29

Round ID: 45112

Ban Reason: Plasma flooding escape shuttle as clown

Appeal Reason: Good day, I had some personal issues going on so I couldn’t submit my appeal sooner. so let me start by explaining why I almost killed the entire crew, the round went like any other round, everyone playing their part doing their thing and me the clown thought it would be funny to lube the station. I got lube nades from med and lubed up the halls infront of med, i then went to the chemist who gave me the lube nades and went to sec to detonate them, came to find out that they were not filled with lube but acid, it got on some people and i got arrested and blamed for that. upon my release i saw that botany was growing lube based plants and i wanted to lube the entire station, and so i did, and i had half the server wanting me dead, so i thought it would be very funny if i caused everyone to not escape the station, so I plasma flooded the shuttle, luckily it was stopped before spreading. At the moment I thought it was hilarious, however seeing that people had almost died in the shuttle it changed my perspective, it was not so funny to suffocate my crew members. I do apologize for the inconvenience i caused and if i do get the chance to play again i’ll make sure a situation like this does not happen again

Additional Information: thank you for your time

You can only appeal permabans after a year, and with a vouch.

it’s an explain on forums ban, he doesn’t need a vouch

Ah. They just didn’t write it in their ban reason.

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Alrighty, so this looks pretty bad, but since it’s been almost three months, I’ll lift this ban, but you’re gonna be on thin ice here.

Please don’t let stuff like this happen again.

Appeal accepted.