Bigal111 CE ban





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2020-12-03 22:50


Playing CE, openly admitted to not knowing how the SM works.

Banning a person from a role because they didn’t know how to do a certain thing?? I’m normally accepting of things unless there’s a dumb reason, but THIS one is especially dumb if I’m being honest. You LET the player learn, not kick them in the balls and tell them they cant learn! The other thing is someone else fucked up the SM, whatever happened to it was NONE of my doing. Seems more like someone else should be in trouble for messing up the SM than the CE who has no idea how to set up the SM

I apologize for my rudeness during my appeal reason. Also a bunch of people were acting like I did something when I did nothing.

No I agree with ban.

Don’t play CE if you don’t know how SM works, play engineer instead.

CE is meant for people who fully understand engineering.

I understand encouraging against it, but a 3 day ban for not understanding SM? That seems pretty unfair if you ask me. Maybe a one day ban, or even giving a guide to the person to understand it better would be more effective than just outright kicking them off a role. That only discourages some people (Like me) From learning the role.

Learn Engi and then atmos because that’s the CE job. So take the ban and learn it’s other roles

you should know at the very least the basics of a department before playing as a head. nobody wants a head that doesnt know how to do there job. and three days seems harsh but take that time to learn the SM.

  1. The SM is literally the source of power for the station. If you do not understand how to deliver power to the station as the chief engineer, AKA head of staff of the people who’s job it is to do so, you are cringe.

  2. if you want to ‘Learn the role,’ then play normal engineer, and not the department head of staff. The department head is literally supposed to be the most competent person availible.

thank you for the encouragement. I actually was thinking of taking a nap, but now I am going to try this next game to learn SM

Heads are held to higher standards when it comes to knowledge of their job, especially because they’re expected to wrangle those within their department and ideally teach.

I will be honest though I was debating whether it was even worth applying. You weren’t nasty in the ticket so I thought that you would likely comply on your own, but I ultimately decided to just make sure. I’ll happily reduce it to a day though


Thank you. Usually when I get in trouble with a role, I always turn it either to low or never since I don’t like causing more trouble with that role.

I second the ban, Heads of Staff are expected to run the department they’re in - don’t take any head position unless you know the department well enough to teach other players in the department how to do their job.

Chief engineer should understand how to set up an SM, Solars and Atmos, as well as knowing how Air Alarms, SMES, APCs, wiring and gas piping works. General station repair falls on engineers as well.